Sweet Poppy. How on earth can you be one whole year already!! It feels like only
yesterday you were rushed out into the world!

I wanted to share our routine with you all as so many have been asking what we are
doing, how weaning is going & how we got Poppy to sleep through!!

Poppy is finally sleeping through again, after some help from Lisa the Blissful Baby
Expert, P is now back on track with sleeping through the night. Poppy had always
been a great sleeper until she hit 10 months & then everything went to pot & we
had LOTS & LOTS of sleepless nights! 49 continuous sleepless nights to be precise!!
Poppy now sleeps 7-7 and in case you missed our 1 year routine over on YouTube,
here is a rough guide to what works for us.

One Year Baby Routine
Awake 6.30/7 am (wake if not awake)
Bottle (yes she’s still having a couple of bottles a day, I’m happy & so is P so no big
plans to drop yet)
Breakfast 8 am
Nap 9.45 am
Wake up 10.30 am
Snack & drink of water 10.45 am
lunch 11.45 am
Nap 12.30 pm
Wake 3pm
Snack 3.15 pm
Dinner 4.45 pm
Bath 6pm
Bottle (awake downstairs) 6.30 pm
Bed 7 pm

Poppy is weaning really, really well & loves food. I should say she is eating really
well even though she is still having a couple of bottles, she has 3 meals & 2 small
snacks a day & has lots of water too.

We have been loving getting familiar with lots of Oxo Tot products, they have been
especially great through the summer holidays, we are constantly on the go with 3
young girls & they have met our needs perfectly.

We have been putting the Soft Spout Sippy Cup Set to the test recently. This set is
perfect as there are so many options from one single cup. Handles or no handles;
spout or open cup lid; disk or free running, you can make it work to suit your baby.
As a sippy cup and open cup Trainer in one, it takes your baby right through the

I was a little bit nervous as Poppy has been a little slower to learn new skills &
drinking from an open cup seemed like a daunting task, but we’ve been wanting to
steer her away from using a spout, without taking away the option if she absolutely
needs it. The handles make it easier for her to hold as she learns to use the open
cup – we definitely aren’t ready to go handle free yet & there are two settings on the
disk to allow you to dictate which flow is right for your baby. Poppy is loving using
the open cup & I love that I can just pop it in the dishwasher & know that as she
grows the cup is going to grow with her. Safiyah & Florence use the cup without the
disk too, so it really does last!

I hope you guys have found seeing Poppy’s routine helpful! I know just how tiring
lack of sleep is. Head on over to YouTube to see Poppy’s routine in more detail!

I have got 3 Oxo Tot Soft Spout Sippy Cup Sets to give away to you guys, all you
need to do is comment down below.

This blog post has been sponsored by Oxo Tot, all thoughts & opinions are
my own.

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