A letter to a first time Mum!

Dear Rebecca,

It’s November 2011 and in a few short days you will find yourself thrown in the deep end, Lee will have to return offshore and you’ll be left alone with a tiny new born, still recovering from the birth, with the weight of the world on your shoulders. At the moment you are feeling oh so worried & anxious, only 22 & already feeling so unsure of who you are & how the future is going to pan out, you’ve never been one of the super maternal ones, but here you are a mummy!

I want to tell you that you’ve got this…those first few weeks doing it solo are the absolute making of you, you were MADE to be a mum & you are smashing it! I only wish I could tell you that YOU are ENOUGH, you are all your baby needs & to stop doubting yourself because in a few short years you find a new confidence, not the kind where you can walk into a room without a care in the world (in all honesty you still find that one tricky, though you disguise it well) but you are so sure of yourself as a parent, as a mother!

I want to tell you to TRUST your gut, there really is nothing stronger than a mother’s instinct, when people say, “Mum’s just know”, they are telling the truth & hey, guess what, you’re a Mum now & you just know!

I want to tell you to stay in your pyjamas, stop cleaning the house, get back on the sofa & put the baby routine books down, loose track of time & let your sweet baby sleep on your chest all day whilst you watch trash TV & soak up her smell. The health visitor doesn’t care if the house is a mess & she certainly isn’t going to take your baby away for leaving a few dishes on the side! People won’t judge you for taking days slowly, having unwashed hair & un-hovered carpets and if they do, who cares, I’ll tell you one thing, you soon see what everyone means when they say “they grow too fast”, next time (YES you go on to have MORE girls!!!) with each newborn phase you go on to savour it for as long as possible.

Stop buying all the things, you don’t have much money & I know you think you need allllll the things to be able to create a perfect home & perfect start for your new baby, I’ll say it again, YOU are all your baby needs!

Oh and pleaseeeee appreciate how quickly you bounce back, it’s not so easy second time round… or third time round!!



I am so excited to have been introduced to the new Vicks BabyRub, as a long time user of Vicks it’s great to have a new product for babies.  It can be used from 6 months old, and with natural extracts of rosemary, lavender and aloe vera it  provides moisturising & soothing comfort to help your baby feel calm & relaxed. As a mum of 3 girls I only wish I could go back and give my younger self the confidence boost she so badly needed as a first time mum & also share the knowledge on what products really are essentials and those which aren’t… tell me I’m not the only one that bought my newborn shoes??? I’m so grateful to Vicks BabyRub for giving me the opportunity to write this letter to my former first time mum self and I hope my words resonate with any first time mums out there who are currently feeling how I did. YOU KNOW BEST AND ARE DOING A GREAT JOB.

A few details on Vicks BabyRub:

Vicks BabyRub can be used at any time of the day to help to wind down and settle your baby. Some of these scenarios include:

– After bath and before bedtime

– If your baby is irritable through teething

– Before nap time

– If your baby is unsettled due to feeling unwell

– If your baby is overtired/over stimulated

– If your baby’s routine has changed; have they dropped a day nap or has the season /clocks changed

We have been using Vick BabyRub as part of our bedtime routine for the past few weeks, I find having a little wind down time in a twinkly light lit room with Poppy, giving her a gentle massage is so soothing for both of us, it helps Poppy know that it’s time for bed & it allows me to spend some one on one time with her & have some peace before getting stuck into all of the evening jobs that need doing.

Vicks BabyRub has been specially designed for babies aged 6 months and over and is available at Boots, Superdrug, Tesco, Asda, Waitrose and all good pharmacy chains. RRP £3.99

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