I didn’t realise just how many of my lovely readers & watchers are currently expecting, I remember the organising, nesting, buying, planning, list writing & shopping stage of pregnancy very well. The need to have everything ready & in place for the impending arrival  of the love of you life!

I recently did a video of those 0-3 month items we couldn’t be without, so figured I would put the list on here too to make it a little easier for you to get a screen grab or shop the links directly.

Shnuggle Baby Bath


Ollie The Owl

Close Caboo

Bath Thermometer

Moo Goo

Little Unicorn large muslin (Similar)

Fox in the Attic muslin

Ergo Pouch

I hope all of you currently building babies are feeling well & Congratulations!!!

If video is more your thing you can watch the Newborn must haves video below where I talk about why each of these items work for us.

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