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Hi Lovelies,

as most of you know we love books in this house, we have a box full of Christmas stories that make an appearance every year. I always try to add a couple of new ones to keep the collection growing, after all, is there anything more festive than snuggling under a blanket, Christmas tree lights twinkling close by, sipping on hot chocolate whilst reading a Magical Christmas story.

Our collection is pretty big, so I’m not going to share them all, but here are our absolute favourites!!

Christmas in Exeter Street – This book was bought for us by a friend, it was one of her childhood favourites & one I had never read before. This book is now one of our own absolute favourites, to me it helps to show the true meaning of Christmas, from a non religious aspect, it shows the spirit of Christmas at it’s best. It’s centred around a family showing kindness to everyone that needs a place to stay on Christmas eve, with a truly hilarious result – Aunties in dresser draws & babies in sinks to name a few sleeping situations.

The Christmas Eve Tree – This book almost reduced me to tears, it’s all about a Christmas tree that was planted incorrectly & so didn’t grow properly. The last tree left in the shop on Christmas eve due to being little & wonky, it was taken by a homeless boy I won’t spoil the ending but it is truly heartwarming & very festive.

Pick a Pine Tree – This book was particularly apt for us this year as it is our first year with a real tree in our own family home. The story is centred around a family going to choose their own tree & bringing it home, decorating it & everything involved in getting the tree ready for Christmas. The story is slightly Americanised as it mentions decorating parties, but it really doesn’t distract from the lovely story to truly get you in the festive spirit.

Red & Lulu – A new one added this year & Florence’s new favourite a “heart-tugging story combining all the cheer of Christmas, all the magic of New York City, and the real meaning of the festive season: how important it is to be surrounded by love. Red and Lulu make their nest in a beautiful evergreen tree. It shades them in the hot months and keeps them cosy in the cold months, and once a year the people who live nearby string lights on their tree and sing a special song: O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree. But one day, something unthinkable happens, and Red and Lulu are separated. It will take a miracle for them to find each another again. Luckily, it’s just the season for miracles…”

The Jolly Christmas Postman – It’s Christmas Eve and the JOLLY POSTMAN is delivering greetings to various fairy-tale characters, the girls love the envelopes, a mini jigsaw & reading the invitaions etc Everyone’s favourite postman keeps on peddling his bicycle up hill and down dale . . . and into everybody’s hearts. Seriously adorable and an old classic!

The Snowman – self explanatory – everyone needs to own this book!

The Night Before Christmas  – Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house, not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse! A must read on Christmas eve, a classic that every house should own.

I’d love to know what your favourite festive reads are, please share them in the comments below!


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