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Who doesn’t LOVE children’s books? You guys always request book recommendations from us & I couldn’t be happier to share a new favourite in our house! We were recently sent Three Little Monkey’s by Quentin Blake & Emma Chichester Clark… obviously the title hooked me as it couldn’t be more apt to read to my ‘three little monkeys’.


This book is everything Safiyah & Florence look for in a story, it’s funny and ever so slightly chaotic story is centred around three little monkeys; Tim, Sam & Lulu.  Everyday these three little monkeys are told by Hilda to behave when she pops out to run her errands, yet every day they get up to serious mischief sounds familiar, as the story progresses Tim, Sam & Lulu manage to create a bigger mess than the day before, the story is brought to life by the beautiful illustrations & is one of those books that is just a joy to read.


With the out loud laughs this book produces it definitely deserves a place on your child’s bookshelf, it would make a perfect gift this Christmas. I have already ordered it for multiple friends children as it really is one of those books that just keeps on giving and one I am always happy to see being reached for. The book also comes with an audio CD read by Olivia Colman who brings the story to life in the most engaging way, the girls backseat dvd’s have been neglected in favour of listening to Three Little Monkeys on repeat! I feel like this book is definitely going to be a future classic, how can it not be when the story is so wonderfully cheeky & the illustrations bring it to life in the most engaging & fun way. You can get your hands on a copy of Three Little Monkeys including the audio CD here.


*This post is sponsored, as always all thoughts, opinions & love of good children’s books are our own! 

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