Barbie’s Interactive DreamHorse and Doll


The Barbie Dreamhorse had been on both of the girls Christmas lists (yes… we are already spending our evenings browsing Christmas gift guides & writing lists to Santa) so when our friends at Barbie told us they’d created a new interactive Barbie DreamHorse experience I just jumped at the chance to have an adventure with my girls!

girls horse

I then introduced the girls to the Barbie Dreamhorse Adventure experience the girls aren’t usually interested in anything on Mummy’s computer but Safiyah particularly enjoyed completing the little challenges & creating her own personalised adventure in the forest setting. The interactive DreamHorse Adventure allowed Safiyah to guide a real girl and her horse through a magical forest to create a unique personalised journey which includes selecting the horse and rider’s names, choosing how they call the DreamHorse to start their adventure via a clap, whistle, call or flute, encouraging the horse to nod its head by answer Yay or shaking Neigh, feed DreamHorse a carrot, and even to dance! The DreamHorse Adventure can be downloaded to watch again, or the girls could choose to create a whole new adventure! Florence enjoyed watching what Safiyah was doing but as she’s only 3 she was more interested in getting to see what was inside the box!!

DreamHorse ScreenGrab

Barbie have also created an amazing new mini-movie that we watched together (which you can watch below) they just loved it & their eyes lit up as they watched the mini adventure unfold, isn’t it every little girls dream to have their own horse to look after. I thought it was super sweet & a great way to really bring the Barbie Dreamhorse to life and brought the magic to life for me too.

We opened the box straight after watching the mini movie & creating our own adventure online & I’m sure you can imagine their excitement! They love that the horse came in her “own home” as Safiyah said as the box really set the scene & their little hands were straight in pushing the buttons in the tester mode!    The horse is for age 3+, Florence is 3 & Safiyah is almost 6 & they were both as excited to get it out & play with it, so what’s in the box? The Dreamhorse comes with a Barbie kitted out in riding boots & jodhpurs with a helmet, carrots & a little brush that fits onto her hand. Safiyah put the Barbie straight on the horse & secured her feet in the stirrups & hands through the reigns, then turned the horse on which is when the fun really begins!


The girls play really well together & are big on roleplay most of their games involve dolls, barbies & creating their own adventures & the Barbie Dreamhorse interacts like no toy they’ve ever played with. Ask it a questions & it responds with a nod for yesor a shake of the head for no, it dances, walks towards you & responds to your voice & touch! The girls loved that it even made noises just like a real horse. The fact that it stands & isn’t a hand held toy makes it great for them to both play with, there is no squabbles over who’s turn it is as they can both interact at the same time & include the Dreamhorse in all of their Barbie adventures, the horse is currently taking Barbie to a sailing lesson on her holiday….Anything that helps their little imaginations grow is a winner in my eyes & Barbie Dreamhorse certainly does that & allows them to play lovely together.. win win!


This post has been sponsored by Mattel, all thoughts, opinions & daughters excitement levels are my own.


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