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Good morning my lovelies, so as some of you will know my eldest daughter Safiyah turns 6 next month. I’ve been slowly building up her Birthday stash whenever she mentions something or I stumble across something I know she will just LOVE! Safiyah is a right little crafty kid & loves to sit and drawn, make things & take her time over creating masterpieces!

So working clockwise here’s what I have all organised & ready to wrap for her birthday on the 9th November;

I have pulled some of these bits out of her Christmas stash so if you have any must haves for a 6 year old then please let me know!

Safiyah is having a cupcake decorating birthday party at our favourite local cafe; The Birdhouse, with 7 of her friends & is seriously excited! We have the cutest unicorn party bags  that I’ve filled with a unicorn key ring, my little pony lip balm, nail varnish, pink bubble wands & love heart sweeties, now just to organised the cake – apparently Asda have a cute unicorn cake so I’ll probably just get my hands on one of those to continue with the theme… I’m not one for splurging huge amounts on Birthday cakes as I know the kids will be happy demolishing a £10 one!

Screen Shot 2017-10-31 at 11.51.21


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