HAPPY TUESDAY! Welcome back for a little nosey into my Amazon account! It would appear the majority of you are as addicted to Amazon spending as I am, it’s just way too easy & convenient to spend spend spend!

Here is everything I bought on Amazon in August, I treat us to Amazon prime membership for the year & it has definitely been worth it! So last month I was buying Christmas bits, Birthday bits & a few treat bits for me.

Children’s Books 

kids books

1. How are you feeling today view here. I bought this for Safiyah to help her talk about her feelings a little more, S has been a bit low, worrying about school & not wanting to go & in turn taking it out on all of us. So I thought this book & the Bucket filling books would be great for us to read together to help us all talk about how we are feeling & being kind to one another.

2. I’d know you anywhere my love view here. I bought this book for Poppy for Christmas. We received the original as a gift when Poppy was born & I just fell in love with it & heard equally great things about the other titles by Nancy Tillman.

3. Fantastically great women who changed the world view here. I bought this book for Safiyah for Christmas as it sounded really inspiring & interesting.

4. Have you filled your bucket today?  view here Another book for S about being kind & helpful & doing things to make people happy which in turn makes you happy.

5. Thats not my unicorn view here a present for Poppy to add to her collection.

6. Poppy and the Blooms view here. How could I resist this book for Poppy’s christmas pile 😉

7. Fill a bucket  view here. Can you tell I was having a hard time with Safiyah last month!!

8. Wherever you are my love will find you view here. Another one of Nancy Tillman’s books for Poppy’s Christmas.

Treats for Me!


1. Electric toothbrush x 2 view here. I bought myself one of these as it was on promo from £145 to £37.99 & I couldn’t resist. I then went and bought Lee one for Christmas!

2. The things you can see only when you slow down view here. Couldn’t resist this book when I stumbled across it, I’m all about slowing down & appreciating the little things at the moment. Not sure what Poppy has done to me but feeling very mindful, content & zennnnn. Just call me Budda Becca 😉

3. Happy by Fearne Cotton view here again, another book about being happy, touches on depression but mostly about enjoying the little things in life. Really enjoyed it!

4. Peep toe pom pom sandals view here bit random but an absolute bargain & thought they would be cute for our holiday!

5. Activated charcoal view here my teeth have got to be my least favourite thing about myself, heard good things about this for whitening. So far I’m rating it, it’s only been a few days though.


toys1. Hover ball view here This is actually for Meldrum for his Christmas stocking, he’s a bit of a kids & loves a toy on Christmas day, guess it lets him escape from all the pink, glittery, girly stuff 😉

2. slime view here bargain slime for the girls stockings. Slime obsessed in this house.

3. Crayola super tips view here. For Safiyahs stocking, we get through pens at a rate of nots in this house!

4. Pop up pirate view here an old classis, a little joint pressie for the girls to open on boxing day!

5. Make your own slime kit view here running with the slime theme, we’ve tried & failed to make slime so I thought this would be a great one for Safiyah’s birthday in November.

6. Wooba Moonball view here another toy for Meldrums stocking, they’re meant to be brilliant, super high bounce & good for coordination as they have lots of edges!

7. Doll house jigsaw view here A new jigsaw for Florence’s birthday as she’s really enjoying doing them at the moment

& last but not least we bought a snuffle babe nasal aspiartor view here for Poppy because she was full of cold!

I hope you enjoy having a little nosey through my list!! Let me know if you enjoyed this and I’ll do one every month!!


Mrs M

I have thoroughly enjoyed wasting spending my money on all of these products so have no problem being a total enabler & recommending them all to you whilst using some affiliate links to potentially help continue my spending habit! 




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