Preparing for a new arrival is one of the most exciting parts of pregnancy, from pushchair shopping to floor scrubbing it is all part of the journey to becoming parents!

Milton have asked me to share the ways in which I am preparing for baby girl number 3 & it has been a welcome distraction to scans, check-ups & needles!!!

If you aren’t familiar with the Milton brand then they really are the industry experts in cleaning & sterilising, the Milton cold water sterilising method goes way back & I know it’s a brand my own mum used to use to sterilise my baby bits.

My favourite part of preparing for having a baby has got to be the baby shopping, but where to start! You definitely don’t need to buy everything that baby shops would have you believe you needed & I thought I would cover the baby basics to make things a little easier to break down if you are doing this for the first time. It definitely doesn’t need to be daunting, your baby really doesn’t need much other than you!

Somewhere to Sleep – crib, cot, moses
Changing area – nappies, wipes, nappy sacks & creams
Feeding essentials
breast : pads, nursing bras, nursing pillow creams for you
Bottle: formula, steriliser, bottles, bibs, muslins

Ok so I seem to be hit by the nesting bug big time during pregnancy, a few days before I went into labour with Florence you could find me scrubbing the kitchen floor within an inch of it’s life. With Safiyah I was more about the kitchen cupboard organisation & this time I seem to have been hit with both. Joking aside it’s super important to me to bring a newborn home to a clean house especially with two older children, surfaces, door handles & light switches need to be disinfected to help keep germs at bay. Using the Milton antibacterial 3 in 1 surface spray is a guaranteed way to know that I am doing everything I can to protect my family from unwanted germs, it freshens, disinfects & cleans 99.9% of all germs without using harsh bleach, win win as I know it is doing it’s job but wont be harmful to the girls.

When you have a newborn, especially if it is your first time it’s very easy to forget about you, having a hot cup of tea is hard never mind trying to make a meal from scratch so each time I have prepared freezer meals & slow cooker dump bags so that I know there is always something in the house. This time I have the pressure of feeding two small humans something nutritious so I am doubling up & then freezing things like spag bol, curry & beef stew to make life a little easier when we are in the sleep deprived newborn haze.

Another favourite milestone for me is packing that hospital bag, I will of course be documenting this over on my channel & will no doubt end up sharing my 3rd time perfected list on here. It’s such a lovely thing to do, organising babies bits & picking out those first teeny tiny sleep suits, hats & mittens, choosing the special first soft toy & packing & re-packing as you patiently wait for the first twinges of labour. I also find it very therapeutic organising all your own bits to make your stay in hospital as comfortable as possible! Hospital bag packing is definitely up there as a pregnancy highlight for me!

So that pretty much covers everything I am doing to prepare for our 3rd & final little arrival!

You can read about more ways to use Milton in & around your home… 100 different ways to be precise – here & watch their latest advert showcasing some of their products here

How do you prepare for a new arrival?

I’m sure sleep should be top of everyone’s list but there is only so much sleeping & resting you can do before the excitement takes over & you find yourself scrubbing those floors!!!

this post has been sponsored by Milton, all thoughts & views are my own*

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