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Screen Shot 2017-07-06 at 16.18.58 Hi Lovelies! With summer upon us we’re all really looking forward to the warmer months and spending more time outside. Safiyah’s recently learned to ride her bike without stabilisers, so she’s desperate to start going on more bike rides. We’re also hoping to get away on a family camping trip at some point, which I know the girls (& Mr Meldrum!!!) will love.

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Recently, Lee, the girls & I were invited to Halfords to have a look around the store and get ourselves kitted out with some new gear. We had a few things on our shopping list already – as Safiyah doesn’t need stabilisers anymore, we needed to upgrade her bike and get her a new one. We also wanted to see if Halfords had any camping gear that might come in handy this summer. But mostly we were looking forward to having a mooch around the store with the girls to see what we could find. We ended up spending a good few hours in the store, but we’re really happy with everything we’ve found and can’t wait to start our adventures now!

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The girls particularly loved looking around the store. Halfords have every kind of outdoors product you can imagine and the girls loved looking at all the gear! It got them really excited to get out and explore the countryside this summer which was so lovely to see. Living in beautiful North East Scotland we are so lucky to spend lots of time outside exploring & thankfully both the girls are happiest when outside adventuring!

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Personally, I was really impressed by the service Halfords provided. The staff were so helpful and willing to answer any questions we had about their products. All the staff we met were really knowledgable about all the different products on offer, which is useful when you’re trying to pick out big important items like the tent and the roof box. In the end, we found ourselves a great tent and some new sleeping bags too, which will be perfect for any future camping trips.

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Once we had the camping essentials sorted, the next big thing on our list was a roof box. Our car is always overflowing with kids outdoor bits & bobs so a roof box will be an absolute essential for any camping trip we go on! We weren’t quite sure which one to pick at first, having never had one before we didn’t really know where to start but a member of the team talked us through all the products available, sizes, opening options & fittings and explained how they all worked. In the end we were really happy with our choice, as our new roof box will be really easy to remove when we don’t need it. The fitting process was straightforward and demonstrated to Lee so that we know what we are doing when not under the helpful care of Halfords.

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Like I said our car isn’t the biggest & we always seem to manage to fill it, so a bike rack was also a must, and we grabbed ourselves one of those, too. We have no knowledge of bike racks & the team at Halfords talked u through the different options, what was best suited to our family, car & needs. The Halfords staff then offered to fit the roof box and bike rack to the car for us. This was a big plus point for me, as we could be certain everything was safe and secure before we set off in the car. And it’s so much easier when the expert does it for you!!! They made sure to talk Lee through the whole process so he knew what he was doing, they fitted everything & then talked L through, Meldrum can be a bit haphazard when it comes to the manly stuff so I felt happy knowing that he had had a mini bike rack lesson & knew what he was doing after learning from the experts! The bike rack we opted for carries too bikes & requires no tools, it also allowed us to have a roof box on the car at the same time, essential for those family camping adventures!

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After our trip to Halfords, we’re all kitted out for any summer camping trips over the next few months. Hopefully this will be a good incentive to get us all together on a family camping trip soon!! Mr M has been promising Safiyah for months! I know a camping trip with young kids won’t necessarily be easy, but it will definitely be worth it and I think the girls are at an age where they’re ready for it. The trip to Halfords also really helped, as it got them thinking about what kind of special equipment we might need. If you’re planning a camping trip with young kids this summer, I’d definitely recommend taking your kids to have a look around Halfords before you go. They can help choose what gear you’ll need, and can choose their own things too. My girlies loved looking at all the different tents and sleeping bags. They also loved picking out their own camping chairs!! I think it’s safe to say the whole family are ready for some exciting adventures over the next couple of months – and we can’t wait to begin!

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This post is sponsored by Halfords. All thoughts and opinions are our own & we can’t wait to get our camp on with all our new camping essentials… whats the saying…All the gear no idea!! 

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