Is there anything better than long summer days adventuring with your family, hopping in the car – tuning in the sat nav, getting the kids all set up with their in car entertainment (to stop any bickering obviously) & driving off into the countryside to seek adventure. Halfords don’t think there is as they geared us up to enable this kind of trip to happen with as little stress as possible!

When it comes to exploring we live in a pretty wonderful part of the world, beauty surrounds us and there is an abundance of places to adventure right on our doorstep! Thankfully our girls love getting out & are most definitely happiest when outside, running free & able to explore.

As we are already well into our Summer holidays (3 weeks in, not that I’m counting) in Scotland and you folks down south are approaching the start of yours I thought I would put together a little list of my top ideas for free things to do outside!!

  • Load up the car, start driving, let the kids dictate the direction of the journey & see where you end up! You might end up somewhere new & fabulous to explore & the kids will love having that control!
  • Head to a river for an afternoon of stone skimming, fish spotting & paddling
  • Pack a picnic & head to a local beauty spot/play park/nice patch of grass in the city… just get outside & enjoy a bit of alfresco dining
  • Bike rides, kids on bike seats or riding their own, it’s a great way to get out together & enjoy the great outdoors whilst burning off the summer sweet treats too!
  • Go on a treasure hunt, nice and simple, draw a map & write a list of things to look for outdoors; lady birds, pine cones, streams, ducks & different types of leaves, this is a sure fire way of getting our girlies to go on slightly longer walks (meaning slightly earlier bed times – win win!)
  • Build a den
  • Head to the beach with buckets & spades
  • Round up your friends, grab a few eggs & spoons, a couple of potato sacks & have yourself an old school sports day – great fun for kids and adults alike

Halfords geared us up with everything we needed from car seats to DVD players for our most recent day out by car, which took us to a beautiful spot in Aberdeenshire, Burn ‘O Vat is a hidden gem, a lovely short walk along a winding stream that leads to a hidden cave. The whole family can clamber inside, watch the waterfall & splash about in the shallow pools. It’s about 30 minutes drive from our house so the perfect length of time to get those in-car DVDs set up & enjoy a spot of peace whilst the kids watch a few episodes of their favourite programmes. We would really struggle without our DVD players & our old ones had belonged to me when I was growing up. The new DVDs we got can run separately or together so there is no bickering over who’s watching what or if they both want to watch the same movie, I had no idea you could even get DVD players that did this so it’s a function I’m really impressed with – they also come with a handy little controller meaning I can control them from the front without having to constantly turn around.

Of course we made full use of our roof box as we definitely are getting a little too big for our current car, either that or we struggle to travel light even on days out. All our camping chairs were loaded into the roof box meaning the boot could be filled up with wellies, raincoats & picnic essentials. What’s a day out without a cheese & pickle sandwich after all!!

We were particularly delighted with the new Sat Nav, which not only gets you where you need to go but also has hands-free call answering & inbuilt Wi-Fi meaning that the days of plugging your TomTom into the computer are long gone. We have also been introduced to the world of Dash Cams, not only great for insurance purposes, but so good for us documenting our days over on YouTube. The footage is such high quality & so easy to transfer over to your mobile!

What are your favourite free family days out & what are the in car essentials to make those car journeys smoother for the whole family?

This post is sponsored by Halfords, as always all thoughts & opinions are our own. 

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