cambridgemrsmeldrumMost holidays for us start with a 2 day affair to get there, living in NE Scotland flights are usually from Manchester or London & our journey mostly starts after school pick up on a Friday. Our most recent family holiday  to Croatia was no different, after collecting Safiyah from school, a quick dash to the hairdressers for a trim we were on the road to Edinburgh. Quick dinner, bath & bed for the girls & we enjoyed a takeaway with the parentals. Our alarms soon went off at 4.30 to get ready for our taxi to Edinburgh airport to fly to Stansted, we knew we had a full day to burn in London & decided to head to Cambridge, somewhere we had never been before to & where my oldest friend now calls home.

The pull of my oldest friend & her newborn was enough to give us a boost of energy, hop on the train & head into Cambridge to explore. The train was only 35 minutes from Stansted airport & we arrived to glorious sunshine and the buzz of summer in the air. The train station was rammed with bodies, sunglasses on, sun hats on heads, smiling faces & a general good vibe!

A short walk from the station & we arrived at our friends beautiful home, sufficiently satisfied with hugs & newborn snuggles we enjoyed a drink in the garden whilst the girlies stretched their legs & played with snails! We wanted to see as much of Cambridge as possible so walked into the centre to mooch, the buildings took my breath away, I didn’t really know what to expect other than punting on the river & the beautiful colleges but Cambridge was something else.

The city, which didn’t feel city like at all was just alive… people whizzing past on bicycles, ques as long as the eye could see for ice cream, quant little shops, restaurants & cafes, beautiful architecture, groups of men celebrating, women dressed up on hen do’s, children on the grass having picnics, elderly people strolling hand in hand. I fell in love!

A Saturday on a Bank holiday was probably not the best time for us to visit as it was very very busy but I still loved every moment of it, we went for lunch at Jamies Italian & then had the ‘best ice cream’ in Cambridge, we chilled on the college walls taking in the beauty of each building, watching the tourists snapping away on their phones & enjoying the sunshine. We had planned to go punting but it was so busy & the girls weren’t too bothered so instead we got some drinks & just sat at the waters edge watching the world go by.

Visiting Cambridge for the first time has got me thinking about all the other spectacular cities, towns & villages in the UK that we are yet to explore. I’ve never really been one for UK breaks, the pull of sunshine & beaches has always been too strong to ignore but I definitely need a UK destination list to start working through! You can watch the video from our day in Cambridge below to see the beauty for yourself!

What are your favourite places to visit in the U.K?

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