mrs meldrum tesco baby eventYou’d think third time round we would have everything we could possibly need for a baby – with Mr M being a bit of a neat freak & decluttered spaces being his thing – the attic was swiftly rid of baby paraphernalia & here we are third time round starting from scratch. I know you guys love a good list so I have added my actual baby buy list at the end of this post!

mrs meldrum tesco baby event

We were invited to check out the Tesco Baby Club event at the weekend & write about our experience, it was the first baby-esque thing we’ve done since finding out we are expecting our third so I was pretty giddy!

I’ve never attended the Tesco baby event before even though Tesco is my local & most regular supermarket & I’m really not sure why as there were SO many good deals to be had – not to mention the gorgeous baby buys available in the Tesco extra.

mrs meldrum tesco baby

So the baby event comprised of all the usual perks of a huge supermarket with lots of deals, product sampling & product tasting, there was helpful dedicated baby event staff on hand to talk all things baby buys, deals & demonstrations. You must get your hands on an event booklet which is bursting with helpful info, everything from peaceful bedtimes to combating colds & flu in pregnancy, recipes & must have shopping guides. You can check out the bargains online here

mrs meldrum tesco baby event

In store your shopping trip is definitely made easier by the helpful information pillars at the end of each shopping aisle, informing you on nappy sizes, weaning ages etc etc & all baby items are of course conveniently grouped together to make what you are looking for easy to find or just make it more enjoyable to browse if you aren’t looking for something specific. There are also extra parent & child parking spaces during the baby event so you can be sure to get a good sized space nice & close to the door for extra safety & convenience with your baby (or bump) Tesco have really thought of everything to be as helpful as possible.

Now I know you guys have been desperate to see what’s on our shopping list for our 3rd baby,  so…here it is!

  1. Pushchair
  2. Buggy Board
  3. Moses & Stand
  4. Bottles & Steriliser
  5. Newborn carrier
  6. Bedding
  7. Sleeping bags
  8. Nappies
  9. Wipes
  10. Sleepsuits
  11. Vests
  12. Bath support
  13. Muslins cloths
  14. Changing mat
  15. Changing bag

See, told you we had nothing! Let the shopping commence. We are going to be holding off on most purchases until we know the gender – which we will be finding out in march… until then I’m going to be hitting the baby event to stock up on all essentials whilst they are on offer which will help see our money go further!!

love mrs meldrum


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