Bepanthen’s new eBook, What the Parenting Manuals Don’t Tell You & competition

Is there anything better than tips for parents written by parents? Real, honest, helpful & sometimes a little bit quirky tips from Mum’s & Dads who have been in your position, felt all the strains of parenthood & gone through the same sleepless nights, breastfeeding troubles or pram buying decision making difficulties. Bepanthen has come up with just that – What the Parenting Manuals Don’t Tell You, is a new Bepanthen e-book by parents, for new parents.

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Those of us that are parents know just how much becoming a parent for the first time can completely flip your whole life upside down – in the best & scariest ways possible. There are a whole host of new moments that you get taken through, from the utterly adorable to scary, gross & just about everything in between. Bepanthen, with the help of parenting expert Lisa Clegg, has handpicked the best bits of advice from real parents & created this free, easily digestible handbook!


If you are a first time parent & are not familiar with Bepanthen then let me tell you, they have the nappy care ointment of all nappy care ointments! We have used Bepanthen from birth & I couldn’t recommend it more to help protect against the causes of nappy rash. “The kind-to-bums formulation is free from fragrance, preservatives, colours and antiseptics meaning it can be used at every bedtime nappy change – when the nappy is on for the longest time – even on the most sensitive of skins. Bepanthen Nappy Care Ointment forms a breathable, transparent layer to gently protect even the most delicate skin against the causes of nappy rash.”

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I have included a few top tips from the e-book for you to get the gist of what you can expect from it;

  1. Put a worn t-shirt in the baby’s crib or basket, wrapped around the mattress, so that your baby can smell you which helps them settle better
  2. Buy nothing in bulk! You never know how big or small your baby is going to be – you might not even need those new-born baby grows!
  3. Remember that you and your partner are both tired – try not to take it out on each other. You probably created your baby through love so focus on that
  4. Stay off eBay and other shopping outlets. Sleepy spending can be disastrous
  5. Always have a few rattles or spare wipes in your changing bag to whisk out when your little one is feeling wiggly – the rattles or wipes will keep them distracted whilst you swiftly change them

Click here for access to the full e-book and illustrations, an informative, comical and real guide to parenting.

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Prize is non-transferable, winner chosen at random, open to UK participants only. This blog post is sponsored by Bepanthen but all thoughts & opinions are my own.

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