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Christmas is officially over & if you’re anything like me you will have already started dreaming about next year’s holiday plans. I’m currently sat in front of the fire with a very indulgent hot chocolate thinking, brainstorming & dreaming about having some summer sunshine on my bones.

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Last year was our first family villa holiday, as a family it wasn’t something we had considered before & I’m really not sure why. For starters villa holidays for families are so convenient, no creeping around a pokey hotel room once the children have gone to bed, no hiding behind a book so you don’t have to make friends with the person sunbathing next to you at a hotel pool (tell me I’m not the only one) and so much more flexibility – not to mention the added extras such as private pools, table tennis tables, BBQ’s etc. If like us you sometimes travel with wider family then they really do suit everyone’s needs – plus it’s nice to have extra grandparent shaped hands to help out with the childcare duties.

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What do you most look forward to when going on holiday, for me it just has to be the feel of the sunshine on my skin, slow days splashing in the pool – or watching daddy splash in the pool with the girlies whilst I relax and read a book. There’s nothing I love more than wandering around new towns, exploring promenades & scoping out quaint little restaurants.

We’ve been looking at a whole host of villas on Villa Plus (link) & they really do have something for everyone, all villas are handpicks to make sure they’re of a very high standard and in the best locations. There is lots of variety depending on what you are looking for with villas that are close to bars, restaurants and shops or more peaceful countryside locations. There also hundreds of villas within walking distance of the beach. People aren’t one dimensional, nor should your holiday be & Villa Plus can offer unique holiday destinations with the independence to explore, without sacrificing reliability and security. If you fancy a little tour around one of the villas then click here!

What is your preferred holiday option, after years of hotel holidays I think our eyes have definitely been opened to the wonderful convenience of villa holidays & I am so excited to see what holiday plans unfold in 2017! The thought of traveling, adventuring & creating memories with our two little ladies is something that makes me so excited.

What are your holiday plans for 2017?

This post was created in collaboration with Villa Plus – as always all thoughts of far off beaches & sun kissed skies are my own.

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