There is nothing I love more than adventure landing on our doorstep, so when we heard the gentle hum of the postman’s van, heard our door bell ring & opened up the ultimate discovery pack I knew we were in for an adventurous weekend!

Keeping kids entertained can be hard, especially in the colder months & with shorter days but The Super Yummies & LittleLife have joined forces & sent us the perfect boredom busting discovery pack.

IMG_6845     IMG_6847

The pack contained a Little Life ladybird toddler backpack which is the perfect size for Florence – it also has a super handy rein so I know she is always safe when we are near roads but detaches or tucks away so she is free to explore when we are in a safe area.


We also received The Super Yummies product range consisting of mixed berries & coconut squeeze, apple & orange rice cakes, tomato & herb breadsticks, pear & berries rice cakes, apple & forest fruits yoghurt & strawberry, kiwi & banana squeeze. The Super Yummies range has been developed by mums and nutritionists so it is tailored for toddlers not to mention they have real ingredients and real tastes, containing only naturally occurring sugars and salt.

IMG_6846We received a little collectors nature art box/book which is quite possibly the coolest book I have ever seen – the box is a one stop guide to finding, observing, collecting & exhibiting discoveries with frames to arrange & display collections, a poster for colouring in and drawing, an expedition envelope & a colouring & activity book.

Lastly we received a huge book full of the most wonderful prompts, drawings & inspiration to let creativity flow – Hello Nature is designed for children to draw, colour, make & grow & I love everything about this book & found it just perfect for enjoying with Safiyah.


It may have been a whopping -5 but once we had finished exploring The Super Yummies discovery pack we wrapped up warm, packed our toddler backpack with some of The Super Yummies snacks & went to seek adventure, the convenient packaging of The Super Yummies makes it easy to provide toddlers with a delicious snack while on the go. The Super Yummies offers a helping hand for parents as they can feel guilt free about giving the range to their toddlers whilst out and about – because it’s all real ingredients.


We are very lucky & don’t have to go too far to enjoy nature & found some treasures to bring home but when we were all getting a little chilly we decided it was time to head home & warm up.


The girls favourite thing to do is make dens so I got stuck in to helping them build the mother of all dens with fairy lights and all – hot chocolate & snack pots of a selection of The Super Yummies & here we stayed for the rest of the afternoon, reading books, watching movies & enjoying each others company.

As you can see the girls just loved the pear & berries rice cakes!


We had a lovely day exploring & then enjoying each others company at home, if you would love to have a day like ours & get your hands on your very own discovery pack then all you need to do is leave your family adventures in the comments & we will select a random winner !!

 love mrs meldrum

Advertorial brought to you in association with Super Yummies toddler snacking range, for children aged 12 – 36 months

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