I’m on day 7 of trying not to spend! To be honest I am finding it really hard & have slipped up a few times..I decided – as a family we really needed to do this, July was a very expensive month with far too many meals out, a trip to Edinburgh, we bought a drone & I did lots of shopping for the girls, Mr M’s Birthday & myself…

So I implemented No Spend August you can watch my video on no spend August at the bottom of this post. So, since I’m not spending I decided to be ever the enabler & share with you my recent purchases off Amazon – earlier this evening I shared a video of our new essential oil diffuser & lots of you want to know where it’s from so I figured I’d just share with you all my recent buys – next week I’ll share my Amazon wish list with you… hey, if I’m not spending I’d be as well shop through you lovely lot!


Butterfly Garden £10.49

This kit is SO fun & educational – win win for the summer holidays! It arrives with a little voucher to get you caterpillars for free, they arrive & within a couple of hours start moving, within a couple of days they are growing, they then turn into chrysalis & then beautiful butterflies!

Aroma Diffuser £17.99

This essential oil diffuser has become a bed time essential in our house – a few drops of lavender essential oil fills the upstairs & relax’s us all before bed time, it also stops the air being dry & helps rid your home of germs, is super safe with an auto shut off system, the LED light changes colour (or can stay on one colour if you prefer) lavender essential oil £1.99

The Unmumsy Mum

I haven’t yet got stuck into this book but I am SO excited to do so! I was about to start it as gave up reading a book I’m not really enjoying (The Sister) but then it was bugging me that I didn’t know the ending so I’ve gone back to the book & thankfully I’m nearly finished. I have heard so so so many good things about this book & can’t wait to get stuck in!

What have you bought recently? I am so looking forward to this month being over & being able to spend again! It really is harder than it sounds – but a great exercise to do to highlight just how much you’re spending! I have been keeping a list of everything I have bought & everything I have resisted;


  • Joules gilet for S in sale £18
  • Shoes for Florrie £30
  • iPhone screen repair £99
  • cake £5


  • Mac £1400
  • white pillow cases £20
  • Jack Wills shirt for Lee £39
  • Lipstick £6.99
  • Zara shirt £26

All in all I think I’m doing pretty well!! We’ll see how the rest of the month goes!

love mrs meldrum

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