So it’s not everyday I sit down to write about a doll… all be it a breathing, sucking, crying, giggling doll… but.. a doll none the less.

Christmas last year Safiyah was very kindly sent the Baby Annabell Brother interactive doll… which swiftly acquired the named ‘Roger’. Roger was great for role playing, he babbles, cries, opens and closes his eyes and makes very realistic burping, gurgling & sucking sounds… Roger also caused world war three between Safiyah & Florence so when Zapf got in touch & asked if we would like to receive Baby Annabell herself I jumped at the chance. An interactive dolly each – my prayers had been answered.

So here I am telling you about a typical day in the life of Baby Annabell.

Annabell typically wakes around 6.30am – coincidently this is also when Safiyah wakes. Annabell starts her day with a nappy change & clean onesie – occasionally with a sprinkling of talcum powder or some nappy cream if needed.


After a morning of playing it’s time for Annabell to have a nap & Safiyah turns her attention to a spot of potty training with Roger. The dolls are great for learning about nurturing & come with a whole host of accessories from interactive dummy’s to potty’s to outfits for all occasions.


Nap time over & Annabel has a little sit on the potty before having another outfit change. The cute pink & white sheep style potty has a variety of “potty” sounds which obviously Safiyah loves!

PicMonkey Collage

As you can see Annabel & Roger are very happy in their new home & Safiyah (& Florence) adore playing with them. They are great for their imaginations & are definitely their favourite toys at the moment. I love watching Safiyah role play & Florence copying her and following along with nappy changes & lots of cuddles.



For more information, visit www.baby-annabell.co.uk

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love mrs meldrum

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