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Oh Disney… from visits to the most Magical place on earth, to the feelings of nostalgia whilst snuggled under a blanket with my two little love bugs watching classic Disney movies, I will never ever grow tired of Disney. Disney has the power to capture your heart & create magical, unforgettable moments.

One of my first holidays as a child was to Walt Disney World, I was lucky enough that those holidays continued into young adulthood and we created many magical moments, as you know at the end of this year Lee & I are returning with the girls & the Grandparents (they wouldn’t dream of missing out on witnessing the pure joy that the Disney experience gives).


Disney & Walt Disney World for me are so much more than movies & theme parks, when I was at university I had the opportunity to apply for a placement at Disney World, Florida. After gruelling interviews, a long application process & traveling the country to have a student working Visa approved I arrived in Disney World, Florida – employed by the Mouse himself. I saw Disney from the inside, many ask if this has ruined the magic for me – the truth is it has only made me appreciate the magic even more, I became part of the magic!!


Disney for me isn’t about the characters, the movies, the goodies you can buy in gift shops – Disney is about the memories. Think of the last time you watched a Disney movie, I bet it conjures up happy memories for you, I bet it makes you smile thinking about your daughter reciting the words to her favourite Frozen song, or your Son role-playing the Hero of his favourite story. When you visit the theme parks you may be left with an autograph book full of signatures, a t-shirt with Mickey on maybe…but they are nothing without the moments that they represent.

Disney is a huge part of my life, daily life. We watch Disney movies, I wear Disney clothes (usually socks & pjs), we spend many hours planning holidays to Disney, we go on those holidays to Disney, we sing Disney songs, I do the Disney point, we have Disney themed birthday parties, we dress up as Disney Characters. Disney is an escape – a way to immerse yourself into the magic of fairy tales & make-believe.


I think we will always be Disney lovers, Safiyah is already a Disney addict and can usually be found dressed as a Disney princess carrying around a singing Elsa doll!

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love mrs meldrum

*This post is sponsored by DisneyLife. All thoughts & opinions are my own.

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