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Don’t let every day oops moments ruin your day! Lipstick on your teeth, baby food on your top – a little leak when you burst out laughing, we all have them!!

The majority of women will experience light bladder weakness at some point in their lives – wether it sneaks up on you whilst you are building a baby or post birth you find yourself experiencing a little leak every now and then. This is something thousands of women go through & absolutely nothing to be embarrassed about.

When you are pregnant your bladder is under serious amounts of pressure from your uterus & there’s much less room in there for storing liquids – that explains all those late night trips to the loo! Post baby those pelvic floor muscles really have been put through their paces & it should come as no surprise that they will be somewhat weaker than before you had a precious babe in arms!

I’m going to go all Midwife on you here… you really can help yourself!! Not just by wearing Lights by Tena for those oooopss moments but by toning those pelvic floors! Set a time each day – I do mine whilst brushing my teeth in the morning & just Do them!! Now! Take this as your cue…and squeezzzeee!

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