Weekly Meal Plan

meal plan

I apologise… I have fallen off the blogging waggon… My Youtube Channel has been full steam ahead with 4 video uploads per week (Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, Friday) plus parenting, plus life, plus just not having enough bloody hours in the day!

I have so many half written blog posts in my drafts that I just can’t seem to find the time to finish… so here I am bashing out my meal plan whilst it’s in front of me & fresh in my mind… this is a mid way through the week – weekly meal plan, I hope you don’t mind… it’s just the day that my fridge seems to have reached a very sad state of empty!

For those of you that don’t know I am trying my damned hardest to eat healthy… I have never been a particularly unhealthy eater and we like lots of variation but I am aiming for more fresh veg & trying to stay away from naughty carbs. I’m walking loads thanks to my new FitBit & a few healthy competitions between friends & since purchasing Joe’s book (Joe – LOL sounds like he’s an old chum) I have eaten at least one of his recipes every. single. day – it doesn’t feel like a chore – they are scrumptious, nutritious & the kids LOVE them too… win win!

Meal Plan

Lunch: Scrambled omelette for all of us
Dinner: Sausages, sweet potato mash & red onion gravy

Lunch: Poached Eggs with ryveta for me – toast for everyone else.
Dinner: Beef Stroganoff

Lunch: Tuna & Courgetta Fritters with salad & avocado
Dinner: Creamy steak & spinach with chunky chips

Lunch: soup
Dinner: Chicken Pie with filo pastry

I hope that has given you a little inspiration, who has Joe’s book? I highly highly recommend it – I got mine for Christmas but I spotted it in my local Tesco the other day & good old Amazon have it back in stock, it’s called Lean in 15 if you fancy a look online – you can also see lots of his recipes by following him on Instagram… midget trees!!

Buy Joe’s book –  Lean in 15: 15 minute meals and workouts to keep you lean and healthy

Buy my FitBit here

Promise I’ll pull my finger out & aim to blog at least once a week!

love mrs meldrum

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