Happy New Year you wonderful bunch, I am kick starting 2016 with a list of the ways in which I want to improve. This list is my take on resolutions, I feel setting a new focus each month will be more achievable for me.

January I plan to get more sleep. I go to bed late & wake up grumpy & sluggish. So I’m aiming for earlier nights, hopefully waking up earlier happy & efficient.

Drink more water. I know, I’m a stuck record, I barely drink water & my only real fluid intake comes from (cold) cups of tea. Water intake is going to be the focus of february.

Organisation: I want to become more organised in every aspect of my live. Meal planning, scheduling, outfits, jobs, cleaning.. just a complete overhaul of organisation skills is needed.

Quality time. Less work, more play. Less of “I’m busy” & more getting down on the floor and playing with the girls. Far too often I use toys as a means of distraction to get jobs done & I’m going to spend April focusing on the girls & their happiness.

Fitness – this is the month I am dreading the most. Receiving a FitBit for Christmas (to see what else I received click heremade me realise just how little I do! Walking, runs, working out videos – just generally improve my fitness levels.

Fashion Focus! No mum buns & sweatshirts for the month of June. No ‘saving’ an outfit for a special occasion. June is all about focusing my attention on being more fashionable.

Work Hard! Throw myself into my channel & blog – say yes more! Get out of my comfort zone & really push myself on the work front.

Spend less! A weekly primark fix is not essential. August will be abut spending less & saving more!

Let go. Play doh can be mixed, stickers can be stuck in the wrong places & rooms are easily tidied. Let go & don’t sweat the small stuff!

Snack focus. Be more adventurous with the girls snacks. Grapes just aren’t cutting it anymore & I have enough pinterest boards of inspiration to create the best snacks for the next 5 years. I will use them!

Lee. November is for improving my time spent with my wonderful Husband, he is so often put to the back of the pile with two littles demanding my attention. In November this will not be the case.

Give Back. Charity isn’t my strongest point bar the odd donation to friends running races, I plan on changing that this December and really giving back – I’m not quite sure what that entails yet but I plan on keeping you all up to date with my self improvements & how things are going.

Have you set any resolutions? If so what are they? If you prefer the term self improvement – what are yours?

love mrs meldrum


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