We have recently had a car seat jiggle in our car – Florence outgrew her Maxi-Cosi Cabriofix & Safiyah was becoming to heavy to lift into her Maxi-Cosi Axiss so we bit the bullet and after much internet researching opted for the Cosatto HUBBUB.

We eased ourself into this transition by firstly purchasing the Cosatto Hubbub for my mums car. As a 3 stage car seat it is suitable for both girls, this is so rare and makes it  wonderful for having in Grandma’s car as generally only one of the girls are in it, the seat can be adapted depending on which sproglett is in tow!

Before I go into the Cosatto Hubbub I want to share with you the Good Egg ‘buying guide’ who incidentally Cosatto work with to ensure maximum safety on all of their car seats – Good Egg are there to help make you & your family safer, the buying guide should be your first port of call when making such an important purchase!

  1. Is the car seat right for my child?
  2. Will it fit my car?
  3. Is the seat of the correct standard?
  4. Are fitting instructions easily understandable
  5. Is it a problem if my car has a passenger seat air bag
  6. Which make should I buy? 

Buying a car seat can seem like a daunting task so when browsing options always consider the above questions, Good Egg also have a list of accredited ‘Good Egg’ safety retailers that you can rely on for giving you sound advice when it comes to car seat choices.

Recommendations, research & talking to the experts led me to Cosatto!

Screen Shot 2015-12-03 at 19.35.34

The Cosatto Hubbub seemed like the obvious choice for me;

  • 3 stage car seat (9kg – 36kg/9 months – 12 years approx)
  • universal ISOFIX
  • side impact protection
  • removable & washable covers
  • 5 point safety harness
  • not to mention gorgeous print!! Not a necessity but always a nice touch!

available to buy here

Cossato have also developed ‘6 Rules of Safety’ to help maximise safety levels, they are great to follow across most car seats not just Cosatto so definitely have a read or head on over to Cosatto on Youtube to watch their video & see the rules in action.

  1. avoid buckle crunch
  2. be aware of correct harness height
  3. seat belt routing must be correct
  4. avoid twisted harnesses
  5. avoid bulky clothes
  6. remove interfering head rests

I hope this guide has been helpful & keep your eyes peeled for the gorgeous Cosatto heavily featured in my videos!!

love mrs meldrum


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