I have been asked many times for my top tips… it’s tricky… every person is so different, handles pain differently, has different ideals & I don’t know any two people that have had the same labour/delivery… once that ball is rolling it is completely out of your control. I have had one pre-eclampsia-resulting-in-being-induced labour & one failed-home-water-birth-crushed-plans labour… both were positive experience’s that couldn’t be any further from my birth plan ideals…

SO here are my top tips for a positive labour!

1. PMA – Positive Mental Attitude – always try to remain positive & focus on the good points, labour is hard hence the name but at the end of it you will have a gorgeous tiny bundle!

2. Listen to your body. Your body is designed to have a baby, it knows what it is doing so just listen to it.

3. Go with the flow. By all means write the birth plan, have an ideal in your head but when if that goes to pot then go with the flow, be flexible, who cares if you wanted a drug free water birth & decide you want an epidural & every. single. drug you are offered… it’s your call & doesn’t make you any less of a person! 

4. Keep moving. walk, pace, bounce on a birthing ball just keep bloody moving, use gravity to your advantage.

5. chin on your chest – it helps trust me!

6. If you need to push you need to push.. many a midwife will say “ohh it’s your first we’re not there yet” or “just because your first was a fast delivery I wouldn’t bank on this one being so speedy” If you feel like you need the loo chances are you are ready to push, if you feel like you need to push then get ready to meet that bundle! 

7. Do what you want to do.. if you’ve been bullied in to allowing your Mother in Law into the delivery room then kick her interfering butt out, have someone who is supporting, that can provide encouragement on tap & zip it when you need to just do you! 

What are your top tips?

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