1. Friends. Lovely visit from an old friend from Uni who I don’t get to see enough but when I do it’s always the same & endless laughs, she adores the girls & is always a little ray of sunshine.

2. Family. This week I have spent a lot of time at home with the girls, sometimes it’s the quiet simple things that are the best.

3. Best Big Girl. I have changed up Safiyah’s nursery times & it is working so much better for us. My work/life balance has levelled out & the time we get to spend together is of a much better quality! 

4. Fun Mum. I have made a big effort this week to try & be more fun. I’m always the one disciplining Safiyah & trying to make sure she is always on her best behaviour – sometimes I forget She is only 3 & needs to get her silly on & be a little crazy. I have been working hard on being more fun & silly with her & letting her do messy/noisy/energetic things!

5. Sisters. Florence is now on her feet & into everything… including all of Safiyah’s toys – we have had to do some sorting & removing of little pieces so they can safely play together. Safiyah is doing so well sharing with her & is very tolerant of her little sisters heavy hands.

6. Teething. This week has been consumed by a teething, poorly, non-sleeping Florence. My reserve tank of energy was depleted & I really was utterly exhausted after very little sleep.

7. Growing up. These kids just don’t stop growing. My hearth aches over the loss of the little girl & baby stages… I have a serious love/hate thing going on with the ageing process.

8. Party Planning. One good thing about spending most of the week at home is being able to do lots of party planning for little Florence. Even though it is just a little tea party with our close friends, I still want it to be perfect.

9. Late nights. lots lots lots of moon gazing this week.


Here’s our weekly vlog so you can catch up on this weeks events!

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