Meal PlanI’m a huge lover of meal planning, it helps me to stay organised, save money & give everyone a heads up about what’s for dinner. It alleviates any last minute shopping trips or trying to scrape a meal together. 

Prep the night before every night I lay the girls clothes out for the following day, it speeds up my mornings & helps with Safiyah’s need to be independent as she likes to dress herself. Living in Scotland we are pretty much guaranteed the same weather every day so I don’t need to factor in any potential hot days!!! 

Say NoSometimes I just have to say no. I find myself dashing in & out multiple times a day which causes more mess than necessary & sometimes I just take a little step back and say no. This is the only way I get on top of everything I have let get unorganised. 

Use a DiaryI have a Diary, a wall Calendar/family planner & use my phone. I make sure I write everything down as well as putting it in my phone. Swimming, ballet, nursery times, appointments, classes, play dates – you name it it is written down. I have a separate blog & youtube planner so I know where I’m at. 

Clean as you goI always try to stay on top of the housework, it makes it so much easier in the long run. I clean as I go & do one big clean once a week. I clean the upstairs bathroom when the kids are in the bath, I iron once a week & do the dusting & windows when I can. I generally hoover every other day when Florence is sleeping. The bedrooms all have a quick tidy in the morning & a bigger tidy at bed time. 

Laundry I put on a load a day & make sure it is always hung up to dry as soon as it’s finished. When dry I organise the clothing into a pile per person & one pile that needs to be ironed. 

What are your top tips for leading a more organised life? 

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