My plans are slowly coming together for the prettiest, pink & floral First Birthday party. 

I will obviously be sharing lots of pretty pictures after the big day with you all but I thought I would do a little round up as I know there are lots of you currently party planning & looking for a little inspiration!

This is my little party planning guide of things to work through. 

  • date
  • time
  • location
  • guests
  • theme
  • decor
  • food
  • cake
  • outfit
  • presents

Date/time/location: We are lucky that Florence’s Birthday is on a Sunday this year so we will be hosting her Birthday party, at home, on her actual Birthday. Time is a funny one… we have always previously planned parties for the afternoon – however Florence takes a long afternoon nap so we’ve mixed things up a little & are fitting everything around her! Florence is awake & at her happiest over lunch time, after her morning nap & before her afternoon nap – so that’s when we will be partying!

Guests: Another tricky one – We have a huge circle of friends & a couple of different groups of friends & I have really had to cut numbers, if we could rely on the weather I would have had more but with the likeliness of everyone being inside I wanted to keep it fairly reasonable & not overwhelm Florence too much. I have invited 22 people, basically we have stuck to our closest group of friends & family.

Theme: Pink & Floral over here… bet you’re surprised!!! Head on over to good old google or pinterest for far too many different themes to inspire you!

Decor: Bunting, tissue paper pom poms, picture’s of Florrie & flowers should do the trick!

Food: Triangle sandwiches, olive & mozerella sticks, meringue kisses, popcorn, filo pastry pizza, cake, macarons, fruit kebabs, marshmallow pops, vegetable sticks & humous, home made sausage rolls.

Cake: A friend of a friend is a bit of a baker & is making me a very pretty cake! 

Outfit: Florence will be wearing an Angel Face tutu – I think it should be law that little ladies wear a tutu on their first birthday!

Presents: I will be pulling lots of Safiyah’s old bits down from the attic for Florence’s birthday but all this bits and bobs we have bought her I’ll be showing you in a video – next week’s blog is all about first birthday present ideas for boys and girls so keep your eyes peeled!

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