When is the right time to introduce another member to your family? Is there ever a right time? I’m not talking about a 2nd baby here…that’s pretty standard practice, we’re talking about that crazy idea of a third – the one that most people assume was accidental, or a desperate attempt to get a baby of a different gender…


 I’m a list writer, an organiser & I like to have a plan… always. A 3rd child was not part of my big plan… not until I had my second baby and quickly realised that I certainly didn’t feel done with the whole reproduction thing, so, should we, shouldn’t we, if we do, when?  

I like to have a plan! 

I haven’t always been this way; pre surprise-first-baby I was scatty, unorganised & always a bit all over the place, my mind raced at 100mph & my body tried to keep up! I was easily excitable & always on the go. Having a child, a home & a schedule of my own made me realise how much I like being organised, throw in baby number 2 & my organisational skills are now somewhat advanced, if I do say so myself! 

My days consist of routines, menu plans, nap times, organised play dates, shopping lists, colour coded washing piles & scheduled ‘working’ times – this is what I like… so for me there really is a need to know when to have a 3rd! lets forget the minor fact that my husband doesn’t particularly want a third child… tiny blip – he can be persuaded! 

I have found myself googling ‘when to have a third child’ & ‘should we have a third child’ faced with 173,000,000 answers to these questions that even super organised me can’t schedule in, I have taken it upon me to write my own break down. 


  • family holidays are made for 4, rooms fit 4, a plane aisle has 4 seats 
  • bigger car = expense = grumpy husband
  • small 4th bedroom (awful excuse but it is one non the less)
  • sometimes 2 kids is enough to break me
  • people will think you have lost the plot
  • various financial reasons, buying 3 first cars, uni costs, weddings etc etc 
  • filled with even more love for another human you have created
  • giving the girls another sibling – the love they have is already unreal & I would love to see this shared with another sibling 
  • completing us as a family
  • to surpress the wondering, longing & feelings that I can’t contain 
  • fun, laughter & love forever more 
Wow reading that back, there really is no question about it – the ridiculous practicalities for not having a third child stand zero ground when faced with opposing answers that are so heart filled & solely centred on love. love concours all. 

When I look to the future I think of Christmas’s with a full house, the girls, their boyfriends in tow, hustle & bustle, noise & laughter. a full house, one that is never empty & one where the kids will always feel at home. 

I think that having a 3rd baby is not something you could ever regret, but you could certainly regret not having one. 

That my friends leads me to my answer… and hopefully yours too if you have found this via google search! 

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