Autumn/Winter Wardrobe Wish List – Florence

Ok so My lovely friend Thrinny Thrin.. who features heavily in my vlogs is the worst! Every night it reaches approximately 8.30pm & the fimiliar ping of my whatsapp alerts me to my phone… shock – she’s at it again, scouring the likes of BodenJohn Lewis & JoJo Maman at new baby stock & spamming me with pictures of highly desirable baby girls clothes… 

I thought I would take it upon myself to create the ultimate Autumn/Winter 2015 Baby Girls Wish List! 



1. Rabbit Knitted Jacket £28 

2. Stripey Jersey Dress £20, leggings £10 

3. Cord Dress & Cardi £42   

4. Woodland Animal Cord Pinnie £24

John Lewis

1. Spot Poplin Dress £12 

2. Grey Marl Cardigan £14


1. Baby Hannah dress £19.95 
2. Baby Poppy set £27.95
1. Knitted dress £12
2. Broderie Dress £13
3. Floral Dress £18
4. Bobble Hat £7
There we have it! These are my current favourites… the AW stock seems to slowly creeping in – brands seem to forget that us poor souls in Scotland have needed it for a few weeks now!! Next on my Autumn/Winter wish list will be Mini Meldrum & then little old Moi… let me know if you want to see one for Mr Meldrum too!

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