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It has been 1 year, 2 months & 28 days since I started out on my blogging turned vlogging journey! 454 days with you lovely lot!!!! Thats 325 weekdays and 130 weekend days you have all been here to keep me company!! WOW!

In that time I have posted 169 blog posts & 142 videos covering everything from from contractions to waterskiing & just about everything in between! 

My blog has gone from zero hits to 230,834. 

My Youtube Channel has gone from zero views to 310,089, from 1 Subscriber thanks Mum to 3,671. I remember the excitement I would feel when a video reached 100 views… refreshing multiple times a day to see the number increasing… now I’m relishing in the fact that number reaches 1k in the first 12 hours or so. WOW! It’s bloody overwhelming!

‘Mrs Meldrum’ is now an award nominated blog & youtube channel & recently ranked number 1 in the UK’s top parent video blogs (Tots 100), every month so far my channel has ranked in the Vlog 20 (Channel Mum) & I’ve become a Channel Mum Pro!!

This blogging & vlogging journey is a fascinating, exciting and mind blowing one that I absolutely love. I love speaking & getting to know all of you lovely readers & followers & I definitely have my regulars that leave lots of lovely comments on FacebookInstagram & Twitter & I really do read every single one!! I absolutely LOVE strangers in my local village telling me how much they enjoy my channel.. thank you lady in the Garden Centre today… you made me blush with happiness & I just can’t believe how far my joinery has come in a little over a year! It’s bloody great, I can’t wait to see where this journey takes me… but I love the direction it’s heading in! Thank you to all of you that continue to watch, read & comment & request posts & videos!!

Lots of you message me asking about starting blogs or youtube channels & these are the messages I don’t always have time to respond to… but I will soon be addressing all your questions on my blog… 

Are you thinking of starting your own blog? Do it!! There’s no time like the present & the longer you leave it the more time is lost..

Next week I will be sharing my top tips on starting your own blog… I’m by no means an expert.. but I’ve done it myself & I’m pretty damn happy with how it has progressed in one short year! 

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