I get lots of questions & have previously done 2 ‘Ask Me Anything’ videos… so decided to answer these in a little interview with me, please do keep on sending me questions – I don’t always answer straight away but do read all messages & often stash questions away to answer at a later date!

Did you always want to be a mum?

Always. I was never overly maternal or into babies but I always knew I wanted a family of my own.. 

Can you describe birth in one word?

Amazing! Meeting the tiny little human you have spent the last 9 months, nurturing & bonding with is unreal, the overwhelming instant love is indescribable until you experience it yourself. Birth itself is painful as hell.. but amazing. Watch my Birth video here

Biggest parenting influence?

as ridiculous as it sounds Pinterest is probably my biggest parenting influence, I strive to be a Pinterest Mum with endless craft activities & new parenting life hacks! Stalk my Pins here

Favourite thing about being a mum?

The simple things are the best, long conversations about anything & everything with S, gorgeous smiles from Florrie & watching her develop her own little personality not to mention watching the love between the two of them which is an amazing thing to experience. 

How did you choose your children’s names?

Safiyah Darcey, was Sophia my whole pregnancy & it just wasn’t her when she arrived..not to mentioned it had worked it’s way up to the top 10 baby girls names in the duration of my pregnancy! We wanted something with more of a bite & Safiyah just seemed more fierce & fiery which now suits S perfectly. The mispronunciations & incorrect spelling is a pain but one I’m sure she will learn to handle perfectly 😉 
Florence Arrabella, was Florence Poppy for a long time. I have always loved the name Florence & knew I would want to shorten it to Florrie & love the sound of Florrie-Belle but didn’t want Belle as a middle name. We looked through Safiyah’s baby book & Arabella was on our girls names list back then & we both still really liked it. 

What advice would you give to new mums?

Take peoples advice on board but listen to your gut, your baby – your way. And buy way more muslins than you think you could possibly ever need – you still won’t have enough!! 

Best present any one of the children has ever been given?

A car seat wrap and a bath thermometer have got to have been the most useful!

What does Mr Meldrum do better than you with the kids?

Energetic things, I much prefer calmer quiet crafty play – L likes to be outside & energetic.. plus he can’t get enough of going on the climbing frames at soft play centres – where I like to just sit and have a cuppa!

Perfect family day out?

A lovely wintery walk in the crisp Scottish air finishing up at Banchory Lodge for a hot chocolate, followed by a play at the park, lunch at the Birdhouse Cafe, a trip to our local Horse Sanctuary, home for a spot of play doh or crafting & a sunday dinner with Donald Russell beef!

Do your children have a favourite snack?

Grapes, grapes & more grapes.

What has having children taught you?

Patience. Before I had S I had zero patience & was very easily frustrated, I am now the total opposite & very laid back. 

Biggest mistakes you’ve made?

I’m probably a little bit too hard on S sometimes. I forget she’s only 3 as she has unbelievable vocabulary & is one smart cookie. I could maybe lay of the discipline once in a while…but then again she has lovely manners & is usually very very well behaved!

What have you had to give up since becoming a mum?

A bit of everything, mainly sleep. I love & miss sleep. Mini M is an early riser & I think that’s probably the biggest thing I’ve had to give up, my lack of nights out isn’t something that concerns me, I’d have a night in with lots of sleep over a night out any day. 

What’s your guilty pleasure?

laying in bed in the morning. The first week L get’s home he generally lets me be a little lazy and most mornings I stay in bed until just before 8, that’s a huge lie in for me. 

Your most embarrassing mummy moment?

It has to be when Mini M was potty training & we took her swimming nappy-less.. a wee accident would have been fine… but a poo accident, in a swimming costume…. need I say more. 

Baby product you couldn’t live without?

Ooo I could never pick just one. Muslins, angel care bath support, bath thermometer, gro-bags & my gro-egg. 

Any wastes of time?

Car mirror so you can see baby when you look in your mirror – never use & for me it would just be a distraction. 

If you could invent something for new mums, what would it be?

some kind of mechanism/new pushchair so you don’t have to stick pushchair out in front of you when crossing a road. It freaks me out every time I have to cross where there is no zebra crossing. 

Would you like more children?

I’s never say never, Mr M is happy with his 2 girls…I could be persuaded to have a 3rd!

Is there anything you’d do differently?

I would never plan for a home birth again and I will limit visitors in the first few weeks, I did however say the same thing after having Mini M.

Best places to go on holiday?

Any Neilson holiday is fantastic with children.
Please fire through any other questions & I could make this a monthly thing :) 

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