Am I Pregnant?

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I’ve previously blogged about trying to conceive & one of the the first signs of pregnancy being a missing period… however it is fast approaching 8 months since the birth of Florence & I have only been subjected to one period in the first few months post partum! I am in no way complaining & I am definitely not trying to conceive, however the lack of periods does fill me with a slight panic every once in a while… could I be pregnant? Those feelings in turn, have led me to write the post… 

the first signs of pregnancy! 

1. Sore Breasts/Tingly Nipples 

Tingly Nipples & Sore breasts are caused by the pregnancy hormones increasing blood supply to the area. If you are looking out for symptoms this one is very noticeable – if you aren’t familiar with the term ‘knicker watch’ then this symptom could be easily missed.

2. Feeling Sick

That awful sick feeling often starts at 6 weeks pregnant but can be earlier – the waves of nausea are a top symptom to look out for – triggered by hunger, smells, certain foods or absolutely nothing at all. Contrary to popular belief ‘Morning Sickness’ isn’t only experienced in the morning & should definitely be referred to as ‘everysecondoftheday sickness’

3. Exhaustion 

Feeling utterly exhausted is an early tell tale sign of pregnancy.. I’d like to say it gets easier but 3.5 years on I’m still as exhausted as I was in those first few weeks of pregnancy!

4. Increased Toilet Trips 

You have pregnancy hormones, kidneys working overtime & the increased volume of blood to thank for increased trips to the loo. On the flip-side you may also experience constipation! 

5. Mood Swings

This doesn’t help too much as many women experience mood ‘changes’ ahem before their period arrives but if you have mood swings coupled with any other early pregnancy symptoms you could be experiencing the first signs of early pregnancy. The surge in hormones sends us women a little crazy and takes us on an emotional rollercoaster to say the least! 

6. A Positive Test

Really the only definitive answer is a positive pregnancy test… it’s virtually impossible to get a false positive but it can be more common to get a false negative – so if after doing a test & getting a negative you are still experiencing symptoms, I’d get yourself down to your local GP. I had a positive test with my second daughter very early on, I was experiencing a few early symptoms and those paired with a kidney infection pushed me to test far too early, to my amazement a very faint positive showed up… and the rest.. as they say.. is history! 

…. the answer is no, I’m not Pregnant! As it stands life is just wonderful with the two little ladies in my life! 

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