Good afternoon all you lovelies! Today I am sharing a very exciting review/insight into the wonderful world of Weekend Box! 

There are subscription box’s out there at the moment for just about everyone; ranging from the beauty product lovers to the crafters to the tea drinkers & chocolate eaters… however never before have I seen a subscription box geared up for children! This is where the Weekend Box comes in to transform your weekends. 

I have always dreamt of being a ‘Pinterest Mum’ you know the type; picture perfect crafts and beautiful hand made decorations – photographed impeccably & displayed beautifully as though they were the main event at an art show (Maggy Woodley from Red Ted Art comes to mind – who btw is on Youtube so head on over & subscribe here if you haven’t already). However I am more of a slap dash half a job kind of mum… this is where the Weekend Box can help.

Weekend Box sends children activity boxes through the post with all the bits & bobs you and your kiddywinkles need to have a fun filled weekend. Every box you receive is different & contains four different types of activities. 

The weekend box we received to review contained;

1) Butterfly Peg making kit

2) Popcorn Cupcakes – watch the video below to see us making the scrumptious popcorn cupcakes!

3) Miniature Kite making kit

4) Board Game making kit

I love doing lots of activities with Mini Meldrum but sometimes it isn’t as easy as I would like it to be, deciding what we are going to do & then making sure we have all the bits & bobs to complete the task, all whilst juggling a baby & everyday life activities… the Weekend Box subscription completely takes the hassle out of doing activitys & allows you to enjoy what it’s all really about – spending time together as a family & doing fun activities that kids love!

If you would like to try out the Weekend Box then use the code ‘MRSMELDRUM’ which enables all of you to try your 1st Weekend Box for free. Boxes can be redeemed from www.weekendboxclub.com (new customers only and just one free box is allowed per household).

I just have to include a little bit written by Andy the Founder of Weekend Box “I started Weekend Box in the first place: back in April 2013 I was looking for gift ideas for my nieces and nephews (who were all 4-6 at the time). I wanted to buy something educational (yet fun), something that would engage them and teach them about the world. I couldn’t find anything that fit so I quit my job and started Weekend Box.” 

In Novemeber 2014 the Weekend Box Club won ‘Start up of the Year’ So get yourself over to www.weekendboxclub.com & get your first box for Freeeeee!

Let me know how you get on in the comments below! 

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