this post was first published on 23/03/2014 – Just a quick note – please don’t get excited… I’m most definitely not pregnant – sharing old blog posts incase anyone missed them or they can help others at the same stage of pregnancy :) 

So…my first ever ever ever blog post…I figured I’m just going to get stuck in & go for it… I’ve done 2 Vlogs on Youtube now but will do a little background info on me!

I’m Rebecca, I am married to Lee & have a 2.4 year old daughter called Safiyah, I am 15 weeks pregnant with our second child! I graduated from university almost 4 years ago & since then have dabbled in a few little businesses but I have mostly been a stay at home Mummy which I absolutely LOVE! My husband works away and Safiyah and I fill our days with playgroups, messy play, music classes, play dates & ‘coffee & caking’ with lots of lovely friends!

I decided I would start blogging as a little online diary of my pregnancy & beyond. I love all social media channels (some may say I’m a slight Facebook & Instagram addict) I follow lots of Bloggers/Youtubers myself & thought Hey! I can do that… so here I am giving it a go!

So…week 15. I am finally feeling tip top! Hurrayyyyyyyy for the last 10 or so weeks I have really been struggling with morning sickness (most ridiculous name ever as it is all-day-all-night-sickness for lots of people) the two types of sickness tablets didn’t work and I just resorted to feeling rubbish and trying to stomach small things throughout the day. I turned 15 weeks and it was almost as though someone had flipped a switched and boom I feel great! I seem to be making up for struggling to eat the last little while as I cannot stop eating at the moment. Pickled onion monster much are my no1 go to snack! CANNOT get enough of them!

I haven’t gained any weight yet – not that I am overly concerned about weighing myself but I do like to keep track. I am sitting at 8 stone I dropped to 7 stone due to sickness so feels good to be back up to 8! I have no new stretch marks, still have a few left over from my frist pregnancy but I am on constant stretch mark watch! I have a good bump skin care regime which basically involves me covering myself in any kind of moisturiser my current favourites are ‘Earth Mama Body Butter’/ & Mum & Me stretch mark cream 

I am also still wearing all non maternity clothes are making full use of my Belly Belt, I bought this for my first pregnancy and swear by it! It allowed me to wear my normal jeans for my entire pregnancy! I am getting bigger faster this time round so hopefully it will still last me the whole time! They really are a must have!

Well I think that’s pretty much all for week 15! Please check out my Youtube channel for weekly pregnancy updates, shopping hauls and general life happenings :) 

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