BiB Awards 2015 – Shortlisted!!

Well well well… I cannot bloody believe  it! 

You wonderful lot are just FANTASTIC! It is down to each & everyone of you that enjoy’s my Mummy ramblings, annoying video habits, cute girlies & shower shots of Mr Meldrum that have made me SO unbelievably happy this week! If it wasn’t for you taking the time to nominate me to receive a ‘Brilliance in Blogging’ award I would never have been shortlisted! I am totally blown away to even be nominated, let alone shortlisted & the next step really would be taking the biscuit! 

I would absolutely LOVE your continued support in the next & final stage of voting… I know it’s annoying.. however it really would be un-bloody-believable if I was to be a finalist – especially as I am running against some seriously fantastic fellow Youtube Mummy’s! 

You can vote for me HERE in the VIDEO category.. however If I don’t get you vote please please use your vote up & vote for one of these beauties;

Brummy Mummy

Red Ted Art

Write Like No One’s Watching

As they are SO SO fantastically fabulous! EVERYONE is but these are friends & faves of mine! 

Voting is only open until the 15th of May & the finalists will be announced on the 22nd May! 

Thank you thank you thank you!

Love you all more than red wine… and that’s A LOT!!! 

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