So it has recently come to my attention that there are certain things that wives* do best. I am in no way bashing my husband… Ok I am, but I’m sure he would concur with this short list that compiles 5 things that wives do best!
1) buy toilet roll – When I buy loo roll for the family, our family. The family that is made up of 3 females & one male, I consider the price but not only do I consider the price, I consider the softness (velvety soft is what we are aiming for) the thickness (is it quilted? is it triple the thickness? does it have an extra absorbent layer?), I consider the colour (peach, off white, puppies on the roll), I even consider the environment & amount of tree’s that are planted per pack!! Said husband will pick up the first large pack & call it a day. The most recent batch was most definitely not quilted, velvety soft, friendly to the environment & there wasn’t a puppy in sight! I have spent the last week warning all female visitors about the loo roll & embarrassingly informing them pre loo trip that It wasn’t one of my purchases! 
2) chop onions – Can’t explain it. He does it wrong, I do it right. End of 
3) dress/undress the kids. Mr husband is an adult. Obviously. A perfectly well functioning able bodied adult that can dress & undress himself without any major difficulties, yet when it comes to the kids – his dressing skills seem to have been misplaced. Limbs are bent at wrong angles, heads appear through arm holes, outfits are presented back to front & inside out. I hear the eldest child’s protesting & at 3 years old she already informs her ‘silly daddy’ he’s ‘doing it all wrong’ 
4) pack the changing bag. I cannot begin to describe the state of the changing bag post husband packing without developing a stress rash. 
5) discipline the kids. I do the research, I read the books, I learn the techniques – I share my findings, thoughts & views with hubby & we agree upon a method. I then spend long periods of time implementing, persevering, displaying patience & enduring headaches to parent to the best of my abilities. Husband spends his time eluding from the discipline, threatening but never following through, avoiding the punishment & compromising, negotiating & ultimately caving. 
I’m sure I have touched on the tip of the ice burg… Please feel free to share what you do best in your household! There are many many things the hubby is great at! And I’m sure he could write an even longer list aimed at me (fingers crossed he doesn’t!!!)

*When I say Wife I am including every better half in that category!

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