This post was originally posted on 01/04/2014. Just a quick note – please don’t get excited… I’m most definitly not pregnant just sharing old blog posts incase anyone missed them or they can help others at the same stage of pregnancy :) 

Hello all you lovelies! Well this is my 16 week pregnancy update and I have felt very rotten this week! I’ve decided to do a wee template so I can answer the same questions weekly and compare one week to the next! 

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How pregnant are you? 16 weeks & 5 days! (2nd Trimester)
How many days until due date: 163 days!!
Weight: 8 stone 4lbs I’ve put on 4lbs!
Pregnancy symptoms: lots of headaches :(
Stretch Marks: no new ones!
Cravings: diet coke… naughty! Only really allowing myself one every few days! Don’t drink fizzy drinks normally!
Movement: feeling baby move now, feels like popcorn going off inside me and also lots of waves of movement that you can see going across bump!
Gender: Don’t know yet but I think it’s another girl & have done from the very beginning we find out in 20 days!
Sleep: Sleeping ok, I’m so so tired throughout the day but then as soon as I get into bed I struggle to nod off. I have been having some pretty crazy pregnancy dreams too – remember these well from my last pregnancy. 
Worst moment this week: vomiting all of Sunday night/Sat morning & having to go to my local hospital to find out I had food poisoning & a kidney infect & now also have what appears to be a throat infection!!! My immune system is clearly down and I just seem to be getting ill very easily! Poor me!
Best moment this week: spending the day with good friends that are back vising from Australia!
Nesting: I haven’t started nesting at all yet – I wish I had, my house could do with a deep clean and lots of organising! Hopefully it hits me soon 😉 
Labour signs: thankfully not… although I have had a few braxton hicks which I didn’t get until much later on  with Safiyah. 
Belly button in or out? Out
Wedding rings on or off? On
Happy or moody most of the time: a bit of both, trying to remaing happy & upbeat for Safiyah’s sake but feeling pretty miserable! 
Looking forward to: Finding out the babies gender and having a little gender/easter/birthday party with some of our friends.
Love love xx

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