Choosing a baby name is one of the most exciting, problematic & utterly perplexing aspects of pregnancy and possibly beyond if – unlike me – you need to meet your baby before naming them. For us, both times it started with the early discussions – pre knowing the sex of our impending arrivals… there were boys names, girls names & downright ridiculous names… Harry Beau (Haribo anyone??)

Choosing the perfect name can turn into a battle of the sexes, Husband V’s Wife… of course there will only ever be one winner! 

The way we started discussions was by each writing a list of all the girls names we liked & all the boys names we liked. We then worked down each others lists & (semi) agreed on 5 girls & 5 boys – these were a combination of both our lists. 

As soon as we found out the sex of each of the girls that instantly eliminated the boys names…obviously. 

Safiyah was Sophia the whole pregnancy. Sophia to me is pretty, elegant, can’t be pronounced lazily & is a very princessy name. That was our name. My pregnancy journal & many of my baby shower cards refer to our Sophia, we had agreed 100% on the name, Mr Meldrum loved it & I loved..until a few weeks before she was born & the name database stats were released – Sophia had shot to the top and as much as I loved & still love the name I just couldn’t stand the thought of my Sophia being in a school class with 5 other Sophia’s, the popularity killed it for me & completely took the shine off our perfect girls name. Back to the drawing board, poor Lee was gutted – he had bonded with ‘Sophia’ & where I found it easy to disassociate the name with the baby, Mr M really struggled. 

A quick google search – ‘names like Sophia’ quickly brought us to Safiyah, SAF-EYE-AH – perfect. Fiery, unusual, cute abbreviations, that was the one & Safiyah was born! 

 Darcey has always been on the short list – along with Arabella, Amelia & Olivia. I loved Darcey & truthfully would have loved to call S Darcey, now we have the best of both worlds as Safiyah gets Safiyah, S, Safi, Safmonster, Fiyah, Fire, Sbomb, Darce, Darcevader, Darcey.

When we found out we were expecting a second girl there really was only every one name Florence had been my favourite girls name for a couple of years & Mr M wasn’t giving me any other suggestions & seemed happy to go with Florence. 

Middle names we had in mind were Poppy, Camilla, Olivia. Arabella was a late contender & it only came about after throwing around Florrie-Belle for a nickname & what middles names we could use for the ‘Belle’, Arabella has always been a name I love but Mr M wasn’t sure, I think he always thought it was a little pretentious… The more I mentioned it and he got used to the name he began to love it. 

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