Amber for a teething baby!

Safiyah always wore an amber necklace for teething from very early on & her teeth never seemed to cause her too much pain. There was the odd night of brutal teething which is hard for baby & us poor sleep deprived parents – but it never lasted too long.

I never knew if it was the amber necklace that kept teething at bay or if Mini M was just one of the few lucky ones… I was never brave enough to take the necklace off to see, just incase all hell broke loose! 

Florence…being the neglected second child has been slightly hard done by in the old teething prevention front. Florence has been teething for a month already and we hadn’t got round to getting her any amber jewels. 

Baltic Wonders came to the rescue & kindly sent us a beautiful mixed amber adjustable anklet & guess what… little Florence is a whole lot happier & less dribblier since wearing her useful little piece of magic jewellery. 

How it works

Amber contains a natural compound called Sinnocin Acid, Sinnocin Acid is absorbed into the skin when worn in contact and the body uses this as a natural inflammatory and pain relief.  

All of the beads are individually knotted for safety. 

At Baltic Wonders you can choose the colour of amber, choose between chips of amber or amber pebbles & you can choose your thread colour making each anklet different & personal to you/baby.

Here is your chance to win a gorgeous adjustable anklet from Baltic Wonders ! 

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*this item was kindly gifted to Florence for the purpose of this review & to help her little gums! All thoughts are our own

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