WEANING – when to start & what to buy!

The wonderful world of weaning! I have successfully weaned one small human who now will literally eat anything you put in front of her; squid, smoked salmon, crab, parma ham you name it she loves it! This could just be a coincidence but I really put this down to giving her such a varied introduction to her first tastes. 

I weaned Safiyah at 5 months, she was interested in food & was bottle feeding more & more frequently – this was enough for me to bite the bullet & go for it. I didn’t have a relationship with my health visitor so therefore didn’t seek any guidance with weaning a month early – I’m sure had I asked permisson for advice they would have been oh so helpful !!!

Generally I would say the signs to look out for are;

  • watching you eat
  • grabbing spoons, cups, glasses, food out of your hand when eating next to/over them
  • feeding more frequently
  • being able to sit up (not always as S could sit in high chair but not sit unaided & she weaned brilliantly)
  • not younger than 17 weeks
Now onto your weaning essentials shopping list;
  • silicone ice cube trays
  • plastic bowls
  • soft tipped spoons
  • mini storage pots
  • bibs
  • blender
  • sippy cup
  • freezer bags
non essentials shopping list; 

  • highchair
  • steamer
  • mesh feeder
  • recipe books (Annabel Karmel is my go to)
  • bowls with lids
How to start

It’s best to start when Baby is happy & not overly hungry, half way through a bottle or inbetween two feeds seems to work best – they aren’t starving and fussy & generally are more inclined to want to eat from a spoon. I think it’s nice & easy to start with either banana or avocado, both are ready to go & no cooking is involved – make sure they are nice and ripe & mash up with a fork to make a very smooth consistency – if they are under 6 months the aim is for no lumps, then just offer little tastes off a soft tipped smooth & voilaaaa weaning has begun. 
If your baby is uninterested & spits out more food than they swallow it might be worth leaving it for a few days & trying again. 
next week I’ll be going into making & storing purees !

Let me know if here is anything in particular you would like me to post about :) 

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