Tie-Dye Wearing Earth Mother

Baby wearing has such stigma attached to it… Only the true ‘Earth Mother’ types can indulge in wearing their baby… Surely you can’t baby wear unless you’re cloth diapering, practising the art of elimination communication & partial to a bit of tie-dye, right? 


I am most definitely not an earth mother, I don’t wear tie-dye, I love easy conventional nappies but I do baby ‘wear’ & I bloody love it! 

So I’m not talking about the old style structured baby carriers – I had the Chicco something or other with S, I found it uncomfortable & I don’t think she was particularly comfy in it either, not to mention most older High St. carriers now being known to be unsupportive & potentially damaging to babies development. They are known as ‘crotch danglers’ and don’t encourage normal hip development. That’s a whole other debate but have a read here for more info.

Back to baby wearing! I have been wearing Florence in the Caboo Close carrier since she was big enough to go in it. It is so so simple to use & very little origami wrapping shenanigans are involved. I have two free hands for playing with S & always have a kissable head in front of me. Not to mention a very content baby enjoying the closeness of her Mummy. 

I bought my Caboo Close second hand as I didn’t know how either of us would get on with it but you can pick them up in John Lewis for £59.95 

I raved about it to my antenatal group & people rushed out to buy it! Here’s what a few of them had to say; 

Baby is slightly colicky and I put her in the Caboo Close tonight so that we could sit down for dinner and it has so far worked a treat “

“Managed to eat tea in peace tonight with no baby attached to my boob for the first time in two weeks! All thanks to the close carrier wrap i got today! He has been Zonked in it for an hour! Best buy yet!”

“Sling success! Baby went into the sling with no fuss and it was really easy to do. She has been happily snoozing in it including while I made breakfast and took the dog for a walk and it was so much easier without having to push the pram at the same time! Thanks Rebecca for the recommendation”

“Baby falls asleep as soon as she’s in it & feels so so secure. I managed to iron, pee, put all ironing away, go on a walk, play games (including hide & seek) with Toddler and there’s no bobbing about & she just feels snug as a bug & you really do have your hands completely free. Even bending down etc she didn’t move & I didn’t need to support her head or anything.”

*Just a little note to say that someone brought it to my attention that you shouldn’t baby wear with Babe in a snowsuit. I think this is because it doesn’t allow their hips to be held in the correct position so I will be taking note & stripping Florence down a layer from now on! 

Here’s a little Video of how to securely wrap your babe! (please mute video – I’m not too sure what happened to the music but I feel it may send you crazy if you put yourself through 2 minutes of it!)

Do you baby wear? What are your recommendations for any future slings for little miss Florrie-Belle? 

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