Florence at 4 months!

Well Florence is no longer a newborn..ok ok I know she hasn’t been for a while but I have been clinging onto her tiny newborn-ness for dear life not wanting it to be over! I’m a sucker a for a squishy newborn!! 

Florrie-Belle is 16 weeks & is 16 weeks worth of total gorgeousness! I still cannot get enough of her bashful smiles, loving eyes that barely leave her big Sister & her total contentment – she oozes happiness & is one relaxed & blissfully happy baby! 

We have however just got over a fussy few weeks (leap 4 if anyone follows the wonder weeks – we are still supposed to be in the storm that is leap 4 but she seems to have over come the irritable stage) there were far too many sleepless nights & nap free days for my liking – a rested baby is a happy baby!

Florence smiles, giggles, follows moving objects, responds to her name, wakes up with a smile, chats away to herself, us & mainly Safiyah. Florence has brown hair, dark brown eyes, pointy pixie ears & tiny toes! Florence sits with support, tries to sit up when propped up, has a busy social life, meets her chums on Monday’s at Tom Toms – a church singing group & has weekly swimming lessons. 

Florence sleeps averagely, cat naps during the day & loves cuddles. Her favourite toy is her musical Jelly Cat. 

We are so looking forward to each & every stage & milestone she reaches but are savouring every moment of her baby days! 

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