Ask Mr Meldrum! Q&A with a dad of 2 girls!

  • What goes through a mans mind once the baby is here (particularly 1st born)?
Love, happiness, feeling overwhelmed … and there go the weekends!!! 
  • How do you juggle getting a rest period and spending time with the girls when you are home from work?
One goes to nursery, Mrs M looks after the other & this allows me to have a game of golf, play squash, go out on my motorbike & go for a fine ale with the boys! 
  • What is your biggest piece of advice you could offer a first time father to a girl? Any tips or anything you wish you knew at the time but have learnt since?
Always remember – Front to Back! Be prepared for lack of sleep, the first few weeks are a complete shock to the system but it does get easier!
  • How do you stay connected to the girls whilst you’re away (just phonecalls etc or other ways?)
I don’t have access to Skype or FaceTime when I am away but I phone home everyday & try and call when Safiyah is still awake. Rebecca sends me pictures of the girls & I can check Facebook to keep updated with what they are up to. 
  • Would you like to have any more children?
If we had a full time childminder & Rebecca was making loads of wonga then possibly.. currently 110% NO! 
  • What do you think of Mrs M’s blogging & vlogging?

I think it is awesome. Initially I wondered what on earth she was up to and thought it was all a bit bonkers – I think it’s great how it has grown & hopefully it continues to do so. 

  • Would you say you are hands on with the girls or do you let Mrs M take control when it comes to them?
Very hands on but I still can’t do Safiyah’s hair. 
  • As a Dad what is your favourite thing to do with Mini M?
Go to a local soft play and run about for a few hours with lots of laughing from the both of us! 
  • Do you feel outnumbered being the only man in the house?
Not yet but I can see it coming with Rebecca encouraging the ‘Girls Rule, Boys Drool’ chants and constantly finding hair accessories! We don’t have darks, whites & colours washing piles we have darks, whites & PINK! 

So there you have it! They are the answers to the questions you guys wanted to ask Mr M! 

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