Toddler Stocking Fillers

Here are some toddler stocking ideas!

1. Peppa Pig 2 pack Toothbrushes

2. Kids Stuff Crazy Soap from Tesco avail here

3. Funky Fizz bath crackles from Tesco avail here

4. Girls ring box set from Primark

5. wooden necklace & bracelet set from Primark

6. Craft scissors from Tesco avail. here

7. Kids sharpener from Tesco avail. here

8. Touchable Bubbles here

9. Hello Kitty sunglasses here

10. Under water light show here

I really should have taken pictures/filmed everything before wrapping… it’s a hard life being so organised he he. I’ve tried to remember everything in Mini Meldrum’s stocking but will let you know if I remember any other bits. 

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