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Theres nothing nicer than a calm & content baby, especially at the end of a long day looking after a toddler and a newborn by yourself! Throw in the excitement of a certain bearded mans arrival and the  evenings usually result in a tired and exhausted mummy that then has an 11 week old to settle & try and get to grips with implementing some kind of routine.

The The Gro Company’s latest product the ‘Gro-Hush‘ helps do just that! I am seriously impressed with how instantly this little gadget helps to calm an unsettled Florrie. In a nutshell it is a portable baby calmer – it emits white noise which goes directly to your baby to sooth them without disturbing anyone around you. 

The Gro-Hush itself fits perfectly in your hand with 3 fingers slid under the elasticated strap to control the buttons. You have the option of 3 soothing sounds – heartbeat, rainfall & waves. Florence seems to be soothed the quickest by the rainfall. The volume of the sounds is preset at a safe sound level for babies & this cannot be altered (to make sure it stays at a safe level for their tiny little ears)  

It comes in a compact protective case so you can pop it in your changing bag & take it wherever you go without it getting damaged. 

To use the Gro-Hush you hold the cushioned side of the device to the babies ear, I gently stroke Florence with it at the same time the cushioned cover can be removed to wash so don’t worry about any sicky mishaps, the Gro-Hush automatically turns off after 10 mins. After Florence is settled I put her in her crib & have been turning the white noise on again for a further 10 mins & laying the Hush next to her. 

There are many other white noise machines on the market but I am yet to find one that isn’t annoying and is as easily portable as the Gro-Hush. The unique thing about this device is that is doesn’t disturb you or anyone around you but provides instant relaxation & a soothed baby! This is a tried & tested product from us & we seriously recommend it! Stay posted for a video of the Gro-Hush in action! 

The Gro-Hush retails at £34.99 & can be purchased directly from the Gro-Store here

*I was not paid for this post – the Gro-Hush was sent to me for reviewing purposes, all opinions are my own*

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