Postpartum Hair Loss

There’s nothing glossier, thicker & lovelier than a pregnant woman’s hair. 

During the 9 months you are pregnant you hold onto your hair much more than the average person. Your hair stays in the ‘growing’ phase for a greater period of time than the ‘falling out phase’ which is the opposite to how hair is when not pregnant. Ultimately you end up with more hair that feels luxurious & thicker. Yippee one lovely bonus of pregnancy!! 

Yet what women don’t often know is that soon after your beautiful bundle arrives & your hormones start settling down – usually starting around the 12 week mark – you start to shed the extra hair you have been holding onto & your hair returns to its pre-pregnancy consistency. The sudden hair loss can feel very extreme and very annoying to everyone else in the house! 

After I had Mini Meldrum I was left with lots of short new hair around my face & the same seems to be happening again this time! I am trying to combat the hair loss by a skin, hair & nails multi vit – it apparently helps but to be honest I am seeing no change & i’m just wearing my hair up a lot of the time, so not to cover myself/the house in hair. 

So don’t panic if you start to loose clumps of hair – it’s not the stress of having a new baby, or the lack of sleep from night time feeding, it’s just your body returning to normal & everything should have settled down by the time you reach your babies first birthday! 

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