Husband Christmas Stocking Ideas

I’m not sure if it’s just my man or men in general but I find Mr Meldrum extremely difficult to buy for, like me he’s a bit of a spender. When he see’s something he wants – he buys it.

Stockings unlike main presents are easy for a golf playing, chilli loving, offshore working man there’s always lots of little stocking filler options available. I also like to add some useful bits that he needs for offshore & just day to day bits & bobs.

As a boy Mr M never had a stocking stuffed with little pressies so he still finds it a bit of a novelty…even after 9 years!

Mr Meldrum’s stocking contains;

  • Chocolate Coins. Obvs.
  • hot chocolate stick
  • Bulldog moisturiser From Poised
  • a new toothbrush
  • personalised golf tee pouch from Snapdragon (check them out for a whole host of personalised Christmas gift ideas)
  • Hot Stuff in a Matchbox chilli powders
What’s in your significant other’s stocking?

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