6 Week Postpartum Update

The weeks are flying by! Mr Meldrum is homeeee! Since last weeks PP update (take a peek here) we have had a fairly chilled time, Mr Meldrum was on night shift for 2 weeks so it takes him a good few days to swing back onto days  – this has been made even harder by having to get up through the night, his times have been all to pot! 

We had a lovely pumpkin carving day with some friends – if you read my Autumn Bucket List then you’ll know that this is an annual tradition we have! I don’t have a picture of my Pumpkin… but I attempted something like the picture below….the dril technique is much harder than it looks & I had one heck of a dead arm!

the one on the right is what I attempted! 

Sunday we had our yearly NCT Reunion it’s not just a once a year thing – we do see each other weekly we make a point of getting together at least once a year with husbands & all kids, food & wine! It blows my mind to think that 3 years ago we were 3 couples that were complete strangers and we now each have 2 children… the eldest 3 will be in the same school year as will the youngest 3. It’s pretty unbelievable really! Those NCT classes were the best £100 we ever spent…we have made life long friends.. for us & our kiddies probably!

I am currently typing this whilst the sound of stihl saws, hammering & general loud banging floods into the house… our conversion started this morning & I whilst I am looking forward to the finished outcome I have a feeling the next 3 weeks aren’t going to be so enjoyable. Florence had better appreciate all this effort to make sure she has a nice big room that she isn’t even going to sleep in for the next 5 months! I’ll be sure to update you on the progress. 

Mummy Update 

I’m feeling well, nothing has really changed with me, still tired – I don’t think this will ever change!! I know I’ve got at least another 3 years of feeling tired out by Florrie.. not that I’d have it any other way!


I am still waiting to hear from the Physio r.e treatment for the prolapse… hopefully they wont leave it too long as everything I’ve read says the sooner you start working on fixing it the better! I am still 9 stone 2, no change from last week..however I have just bought a new smoothie/juicer/blender thing & I am planning on having one for my lunch every day… I’ll be keeping you all posted on this! I will be filming a PP video soon I promise….as I am still getting lots of requests to get my tummy out as it has been hidden away since my 1 week PP video. Lastly some cracking news… for me anyway… My boobs have finally stopped leaking!!! Hallelujah!!! 

Baby Meldrum Update

Florrie’s smiles are coming thick and fast now as I’m sure all of you that follow me on Instagram have seen and are probably sick of seeing! Baby M’s sleeping has been a bit hit or miss.. to be honest I think she has been a little confused with Mr M feeding her through the night as he has really struggled to get her to settle & as soon as I give her a quick cuddle and lay her down she’s more than happy to nod off in her crib. Hopefully she quickly gets used to Daddy being home. 

Mini Meldrum

This week Mini Meldrum has been causing all sorts of havoc… who knows if it is Daddy returning, Baby M’s arrival finally hitting her or the fact that she is just hitting the terrible two’s (even though she’s 3 in a few days) but we have had all sorts of out of character chaos! Tantrums, biting, painting her lovely cream carpet nails, pouring a bag of sugar on the kitchen floor, raiding the sweetie cupboard, getting a knife out of the knife rack to open a packet of sausages she had rearranged the kitchen furniture to get out of the fridge!!!!… you name it & it probably happened this week… thank goodness she is fairly responsive to the ‘naughty corner’ (it’s just a wall) & thank goodness for Supernanny books. Hopefully this is just a little blip & she returns to her lovely self sooner rather than later! Fingers crossed her Birthday (9th Nov) & having a day solely celebrating her will help to make her feel special & encourage the well behaved little lady to return… after all we are all allowed off weeks :) 

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