Weekly Menu #2

It’s Sunday evening & I have one sleeping Toddler & one wide awake wriggly newborn & here I find myself in the same spot I find myself every Sunday evening… browsing the internet trying to conjure up some exciting dinner plans for Mini Meldrum & I, but alas… I never deviate too far from the usual.
Monday – Salmon w/roasted veg & cous cous
Tuesday – baked potato w/cheese & beans & salad
Wednesday – Red thai curry & rice 
Thursday – chicken stuffed w/mozerella & pesto, sweet potato wedges & salad
Friday – lasagne & salad
Saturday – fajitas 
Sunday – no plans… hopefully My parents offer to feed us If you’re reading this Mother we would like Sunday dinner, or one of dads nice pies. 

What’s on everyone else’s menu for the week – please share! I need inspiration.  

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