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There comes a point in time when you go from not preventing falling pregnant, to actively trying, to becoming just a little bit obsessed with falling pregnant. For the average person the first sign of pregnancy is a missing period. Not for the obsessed with peeing on a stick crazy lady like myself! 

We decided to stop preventing/start actively trying for baby number 2 in May 2013 – our wedding was booked for August & I didn’t expect it to happen immediately & I knew that if it did I would be under 12 weeks pregnant & still fit into my wedding dress! 

The wedding & honeymoon came & went & every month I was sure that it was the month. I’ve always had pretty irregular periods, that – combined with a husband that works away obviously effected our chances each month. I also underwent tests for thyroid problems & PCOS (triggered by having 3 cysts on my ovaries & irregular periods) both of which were negative so it was just a case of playing mother natures waiting game. Sure enough every month that passed that didn’t result in a positive pregnancy test I was becoming angrier & angrier at my body. Mini Meldrum was an extremely wonderful & happy surprise – yet this baby was so wanted & not happening so easily.  

They say on average it takes 6 months to a year to conceive if everything is normal & we fell pregnant on our 8th cycle (8th month) so we really were pretty average. It still felt like an eternity to us or to me at least… Lee was more than happy to keep ‘trying’. Obviously I’m totally aware that 8 months in the grand scheme of things really is nothing and I really don’t want to end up offending anyone – some people spend a lifetime trying for children & it never happens – but when you are in that frame of mind where all you can thing about is falling pregnant every month it drags & drags. 

I used ovulation test sticks monthly to try & work out my pattern of ovulation (there wasn’t one) but they did come in handy to know when I was actually fertile. To be honest I wouldn’t recommend them though as it puts a whole load of pressure on you & started really stressing me out those months that I knew I was ovulating when hubby was away. 

Tips to help speed up the conceiving process; 

figure out when you ovulate. Besides using the ovulation test sticks I was super in tune with my body – next week there is a whole blog post on ovulation so if you are actively trying or know someone that is please send them over to take a peek! 

Timing is key. once you know when you ovulate make sure you get jiggy at the right time. You can spend 2 weeks solidly ‘trying’ but if you aren’t doing it at the right time then your hard efforts won’t result in a baby unfortunately! 

The ‘Two Week Wait’ was the hardest part of every month – knowing we had done all we could and having to wait until my period was due to test to see if I was pregnant… Who am I kidding?!? I NEVER managed to wait the full two weeks. Those of you that have tried to conceive before know that as much as you tell yourself to be patient – it is IMPOSSIBLE to leave it the full two weeks. I researched and researched online & some people were getting their faint positives as soon as one week after their known fertile window… so I would start ‘peeing on a stick’ super early hoping for that positive reading. 

In the end I found out 9 days after my date of ovulation with the faintest faintest faintest (so faint you had to squint) positive line – so faint infact that my hubby didn’t believe it but it was more than enough for me! The evening I got my (almost invisible) positive I had excruciating kidney pain & ended up going into our local hospital – it turned out to be a kidney infection & they confirmed my pregnancy there & then to make sure I had pregnancy safe antibiotics! We were obviously over the moon but as with anything had to play it safe as it was super super supperrrrr early days! 

It’s a bit of a personal one but if you wish to share please do – how long were you actively trying for before you conceived? It seems to vary so much from person to person & those that aren’t actively trying seem to fall pregnant much more easily! 

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